Social Media Today has a recent article telling marketers that website loading time is critical. Most users won't stick around long enough for slow websites to finish loading.

What is their recommendation? Optimize your image sizes!

Here's an even better recommendation for you: Stop crapping up your website with 100 MB of javascript and 200 trackers!

Yes, but, what to do if the real goal of your website is to track and sell data about visitor?

@Photorat Yes, of course, but it is not my one, just to write that, in practice, the main part of business trough websites is to collect data... and sometimes to sell it.

@Photorat He so missed the point. The website is not too slow for users, it is too slow for the trackers.

What鈥檚 the point in making a website without trackers? They are the customers!

/Sarcasm end. Sorry 鈥 I鈥檓 glad that I鈥檓 not dependent on my website for income. I pay with compromises at other places 鈥

The internet was invented to give giant corporations new ways of making money.

@Photorat no, that鈥檚 just what it got turned into by those in power. And it resisted remarkably long.

@Photorat @ArneBab

But also little startups that don't actually have a product (or a minimally viable one at best), but will happily bill you a monthly subscription for it... more recurring payment processing for the big guys too, so win win!

@float13 @Photorat why do you sign up for a monthly subscription without a product?

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