For the last time: "crypto" is short for "cryptography", *NOT* "cryptocurrency". The shorter term for "cryptocurrency" is "scam".

One-third of you are correct!

When given a choice between dark chocolate and anything else, always choose dark chocolate!

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The best image-recording material is:

A friend of mine mocked me for carrying a camera around my neck and I said, "I like to always have a camera with me." and he held up his phone and said, "I always have a camera with me, too, see?" and I asked, "Does it take film?" and he laughed and said, "No, of course not." and I said, "Then you don't have a camera with you. You have a computer that can record images." and I'm kind of a dick I guess.

Please, don't panic: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has been published on October 12, 1979.

Exactly 42 years ago πŸ™Š

More from my 2015 trip.

My cabin was 2.6 km from the town of Utsjoki and the SΓ‘mi Bridge. I set out one morning to photograph the bridge and anything I saw along the way.

These two photos are of a little stream that ran along the road. It was in the process of freezing over.

#tilvids video of the day - RETRO REVIEW - 'THEM!' (1954) Giant Ants Are Terrifying!!! 🐜

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More from my 2015 trip.

I explored the property that was just downhill from us.

Photo 1 is a nifty that they had!

Photo 2 is a long path leading from the sauna, but it has a refreshing destination.

Photo 3 is a close up of the refreshing destination. The rapidly freezing river!

Sadly, that property was closed. There was nobody there that I could befriend to finagle a sauna invitation from.

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