Portland then and now.

On the left, from @oldroadside, is a photo of the corner of NW Everett and NW 11th, taken in 1976.

On the right, from Google Street View, is what it looks like today (well, 2019 anyway). Bearing Service Co. is still in business!

Social Media Today has a recent article telling marketers that website loading time is critical. Most users won't stick around long enough for slow websites to finish loading.

What is their recommendation? Optimize your image sizes!

Here's an even better recommendation for you: Stop crapping up your website with 100 MB of javascript and 200 trackers!

I'm trying to buy business liability insurance. The policy has a genetically modified organism exclusion!

I guess that means that I'm not covered if ants come to my company picnic.

@pollomostro BTW, years ago I saw an odd picture in a photo book. It was a boy of about 5 years old, his mother, and I think a priest. The boy was nude and being passed through a sapling which had been split.

The caption said that this is a tradition in a region of Italy. They split a sapling and pass the child through it three times. Then they bind the tree back together so it will heal and continue to grow. This is supposed to bless him or ward of evil or something. Have you heard of this?

Virtual Gallery F11 Presents Exhibition:
β€œCOLOR OF REALITY. COLOR OF DREAM. Photos of America 1939-1943 from the FSA and OWI archive".


"The incredible color of Kodachrome is itself a marker of time, the color of movies and advertising, the color of the American Dream. Combined in the works of FSA photographers with a desire for documentation, it shows a world equally close to the real and the imagined"

Viewing is available only for tablets and PCs!

#photography #photo

I just found my old Samsung Galaxy S III (U.S., model SCH-I535). I thought I got rid of it years ago.

Can anybody think of a good use for it? I'm already running on a tablet, so I don't need to duplicate that functionality. Maybe another ? Can I put it on my home network and have it do something for me? I don't think I need it as a phone.

I had an approximate address and was able to locate it in Google Street View…

It's the location of Buster Keaton's studio in Hollywood! That spot is now occupied by a trucking company. ☹️ But a few years ago, the Damfinos placed a bronze plaque in the sidewalk commemorating this hallowed ground! πŸ˜„ (Some other silent comedian also filmed some stuff there.)

You can see it for yourself here:

And the Damfinos:

Today is the first #InternationalAsexualityDay and our mascot want's to spread the word and support all asexual people! :asexual_flag:

7-up building, angle 2, nw 37th & sandy boulevard, portland, oregon, 1976

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