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"If you had to recommend someone play 5 games to really get a feel for you/your tastes, what five would you pick?"

Star Raiders
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Sub Hunt

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"Which five cartoons would you recommend to people to get an idea of who you are?"

Bugs Bunny
Daffy Duck
Screwy Squirrel
Kimba the White Lion
Rocko's Modern Life

The .org TLD is at risk. It's being sold to a private equity firm, which likely won't end well. A lot of non-profits (including the US Girl Scouts!) have signed a document protesting this.

#org #tld #SaveDotOrg

In October, I went to the Cedar Creek Grist Mill in Woodland, Washington. It's pretty!

Way back in 2014, we took a trip through the Sierras. Along the way, we stopped to photograph some barns and other scenic relics.

Pacifica has a "castle". It's a 110-year-old house in an otherwise normal neighborhood. It just happens to be made of stone bricks and shaped like a . In its past, it was an illegal abortion clinic, a speakeasy, Coast Guard barracks, and even just a home.

I took an overpriced tour a few years ago. They wouldn't let us photograph the inside, for some stupid reason. This is one of my exterior shots.

I'm contemplating incorporating this image into some sort of digital artwork. Does anybody know if she is holding that sword correctly? It looks wrong to me.

I wrote the following to a friend recently. It's hard-earned wisdom that I wish I had known earlier in life. I thought I would share it with all of you.

Family and the other people in your real life are essential. Cherish them.

Our online friends are great to have as auxiliary friends. They're worth having and worth keeping, but they can never replace the important people in your offline life. Never forget that.

nude portrait 

Gentle and loving reminder that however you spend the holidays is absolutely valid - found families are as good as blood families, spending the holidays alone is a perfectly nice way to spend them, you are under no obligations to meet holiday standards that don't apply to you!!

There's a porcelain wash basin knocking on your door right now. Let that sink in.

I developed Lomography 800 rolls 3 - 5 today.

Same process and info as rolls 1 & 2. I still have two rolls left to scan, but here's a couple from roll 3.

More at:

#lhl #FILM #Photography #Lomo800

+ I'm old enough to remember the Web of the 1990s/ 2000s.
It was a maze. You followed hypertext links, stumbled into forums and early troll-caves, used Slashdot and GoTo, experimented with LiveJournal and Blogger.

It wasn't safe, it was filled with weirdness, appealed heavily to geeks and loners. Being on the web in that era was a serious trip.

But it wasn't corporate. It wasn't the tool of major governments, yet. It was defiantly decentralised, and when you were online...

... you felt free.

Article on Quaker pronouns:

At one point at my (Quakerish) college, I (a Quaker) referred to one of the deans by her first name. She was livid and demanded to be referred to by her title. She was a black queer woman and I a white queer man, so there were other dynamics at play, but I nonetheless found it ironic.

If you have a .org domain name: go renew it now. For the full 10 years.

Registration rights for .org were just bought by a private equity firm. And as part of that contract, the price caps were removed.

Anything in .org will get much more expensive, soon.

A ten year renewal will cost you a bit over a hundred bucks. Which is probably less than one year will cost you in the very near future.

Grande aigrette en pleine chasse.

Les migrateurs d'hiver n'Γ©tant toujours pas lΓ  sur le Lac de Grand-Lieu, je me contente de la faune Locale.

Les derniΓ¨res #photo et le retour sous les tirs de chasse, c'est moyen quand mΓͺme.

#photography #photo #Nature #GrandLieu #Bird

Another thing I saw in that funky old building was this strange contraption.

It took me a few seconds to realize that it's a scale! I realized that when I inadvertently stepped on the special part of the floor that it's rigged to. I heard the gauge go THUNK! To my relief, it said "CORRECT".

This could have ended badly for me.

I went to the Portland Filmmakers Meetup today. It's in an early-20th century brick firetrap of a building. It's very quaint, if you don't value your life.

The building is inhabited by several arts organizations, so there are random quirky things stuck to the walls. The first image was taken in the restroom. The second image is the overhead door control switch.

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