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"If you had to recommend someone play 5 games to really get a feel for you/your tastes, what five would you pick?"

Star Raiders
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Sub Hunt

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"Which five cartoons would you recommend to people to get an idea of who you are?"

Bugs Bunny
Daffy Duck
Screwy Squirrel
Kimba the White Lion
Rocko's Modern Life

1960's soviet environmental poster.

“do not desecrate nature!”

Bolivian artist Sonia Falcone, Campo de Color (Field of Colour), 2012 installation #womensart

Meanwhile, inside the box, Schroedinger's cat plans its revenge:

Dog, finished, full res here:

Also a wip; a bridge in , it's full of snow of the south (pollen) that I have to add. Achoo.

I had half a roll of that horrid Svema film left over from the Bridge Walk, so I visited a local nature park.

As you can see by image #1, the world's first tree huggers were beavers.

I'm getting a lot better at removing color casts in . These photos show almost no residual tint.

[ Color 125, OM-2n with Zuiko 50mm f1.8]







#tokyocameraclub #東京カメラ部 #Japan #Photo #写真 #日本 #mastodon #マストドン #Photograph #Photography

Cef just showed me this on one of the bad websites and it tickled me

This is the second set of photos from the Bridge Walk.

The last image is a long exposure, looking across the river toward the convention center. It was illuminated with green lights. I balanced the camera on a curved railing. I must have moved it a bit. That gives an impressionistic look, with the added bonus of some jaggy lines from car headlights crossing the bridge.

This is the first set of photos from the Bridge Walk activity my film Meetup group did at the end of March.

I used an atrocious film (Svema Color 125), which I ended up spending many hours trying to color correct on the computer.

Enjoy this first set of formerly analog, now very digital, photos!

[Svema Color 125, Olympus OM-2n with Zuiko 50mm f1.8]

Throwback to Freshtival 2018 in Enschede, one of my favourite shots.
#photography #festival #ferriswheel

Made some simple icons with flags and solid colors here (public post, creative commons license):

There are some problems because I didn't think about the black on black.
Correcting that takes some time and I don't want to, sorry.
But adding other flags or colors is quick, so just ask (providing a pictures or the color hex code please)

It sounds like you have an intuitive grasp of good images. You just lack the ability to think about it in technical terms yet. It's like being a good singer who never studied music.

I mostly shoot film. When I shoot digital, I use the RAW processor of whichever commercial program I've been using lately.

I was just looking at the Darktable website. It looks pretty good. They do all of their processing in Lab color space! I'm partial to that myself. I think I may download it and play with it.

I did some more fiddling in and tamed the monstrosity a bit. It's like combing your hair to fix an overbite.

One reason I shoot film is because I like the look straight out of the developing tank, with little or no tweaking on the computer. If I have to spend hours in PhotoLine rescuing a roll of film, I'll go back to digital.

So here are (A) straight out of the lab's scanner, (B) color corrected only, and (C) after ten minutes of further bit-wrangling.

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