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This is a re-post of my first "Animals of the Apple page" I have been posting them on my other instance, but I'll post my new pages here. you can also read all of the pages at:


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This is the introduction to one of my projects I'm doing right now. I've already posted it on my other instance ( @duck_dodgers ), but I'll be posting the rest of my Squarely Quick pieces on this instance, so I thought it would be good to have this explanation here. I will be doing a square a day for, and posting them when it makes a story, usually every 4 days.

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Hello Mastodon.ART
I am a sequential artist who has been making all sorts of sequential art for longer than I'd like to admit

I will be posting introductions to my two current projects "Animals of the Apple" and "Squarely Quick" later today, and this is where you can continue to read those projects

I'll also be posting sketches and other art here from time to time

My other instance @duck_dodgers@tabletop.socal will be used for my game geekary from now on

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This is my day 23 post for leak. This rowboat is inspired by a Whitehall gig I rowed with the village boathouse. It is the type of boat that were used a lot in the early 19th century in NYC.

Here is my day 21 post for - open. I would also like to make a PSA-cool kids don't open canned food with a rock. I'm also on vacation in Arizona now.

For day 21 of I drew a bit of a character of my wife in a fuzzy robe for the prompt of fuzzy.

It was a busy day today so here is another quick sketch for day 20 of sprout.

Here is my day 18 post- Moon. I realized I haven't done a portrait this year so I went with Sun Myung Moon. And not only because he wore cool hats... Mostly because he wore cool hats, but also for other reasons too.

Here is my day 18 post- collide. When dragons collide, Run... Unless you can fly.

For day 15 of I went with another pun Hel met. I have been reading Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology recently, and got to the chapter about Loki's bastard children right when I was thinking about what to draw for helmet.

For my day 14 post is using the tick prompt. And we all know that one tick of the tickertape can ruin a fourtune.

For day 13 of I decided to draw the roof of my mouth, something I'm quite familiar with, but can't really see. Drawing by touch was kind of fun.

Here is a quick post, that got a little smeared, for day 12 of stuck. Sorry about the smear.

For sour, the day 11 prompt, I thot of the fabled sour grapes. If you haven't heard "The Fox and the Grapes" fable by Aesop, you should.

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Second beta of Krita 5 released! Please help us test it and report those pesky bugs!

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I used my son's toy Triceratops for a life-drawing exercise yesterday :) Thing is, it's just a really cheap toy, quite badly painted, but the sculpting is actually really good. Can't stop thinking about the artist who made that sculpture, who they are or where they come from, whether they can make a living. It's weird how we are surrounded by so much 'casual art' and we never stop to think about the people who made it.

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Hey everyone, just a quick reminder that the submissions period for Volume 6 is still open, but only for a few more weeks! If you’re a and/or and want to contribute a story and/or cover, DM me with your ideas and we’ll go from there!

And as always, boosts are appreciated!

@morganth I got a few from Pelham Bay Park (the largest park in NYC) and a few from Ewen Park by where I live.

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