Here it is on Ko-Fi, and this is a preview of what the scanned image looks like. I had to touch up the sun gemstone digitally so that looks a little different than in the hand-drawn version. :)

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the revolution will not be organized over discord

Anyone know of examples of someone liquidating most of their assets (401k, savings, investments, etc) and eliminating ALL of their debts (Student loan, Credit Card, medical, etc) and having enough to live on for two or three years while getting their mental health in order and considering/preparing for a new career path?

Asking for me.


Medication/Mental Illness 

taking an extra antipsychotic for 3 days as prescribed for acute episodes. May have got a bit manic there. Nice to have my mind quietened without a depressive burnout

Total passenger capacity of all ocean-going cruise liners is 581,200. (down from 630k pre-covid)

That is enough for a small civilization.

Let's rope together all the passenger liners, and form a new city-state, drifting around the Caribbean.

I just learned that Cory Doctorow launched his ad-free blog-site pluralistic.net, where I found a link to the "How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism" online pamphlet onezero.medium.com/how-to-dest

from the prompt on mastodon.art/@Curator/10756872

(CW animated glitch effects)

I loaded the image in Krita, cropped to a square, added some different effects with the G'MIC-Qt filters and saved each one out as a separate image, then loaded them into Kdenlive and strung them together with some transitions and the 'scratch lines' effects then rendered as a GIF :)

So what if the coens and the wachowskis split off and made some kind of multilayered, nuanced adult black comedy drama about middle class life that’s also got robots and explosions and then both tim burton and wes anderson had to animate it, with final edit by terry gilliam

Man Locks Front Door, Hard Wires Internet Connection, Logs Into VPN, Opens Tor Browser, Connects To An Onion Network Router, Locates The Randomly Generated Hidden Wiki URI, And Then Surfs To A Dark Web Journalism Site To Read The News While Enjoying His Morning Coffee

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