Drew my DnD character bella. She's a druid criminal who is bastard incarnate

Some monsters for the weekly prompt
We got Mr Foofums, The Freebled Gang, Garthunak the elder and the beautiful Skytwine

My half of an art trade with a friend. It be nart and sasuke in twin peaks

Little animation exercise to get me back into the swing of drawing

Any fans here? Been loving the series so much I made a print. It's up on my store amethy.bigcartel.com/ 🌠

Little animation doodle of Jake le Dog. Y'know from the times of adventure.

Here is a wooloo to light your way.
Here is a wooloo that wants you to play.

Some rough pokemon watercolour doodles. Gettin back into the drawing swing

Day 15, Heritage. Late on posting this, but i really wanted to give this one some thought with the time i had.

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