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My bit for the Hotel Mario Reanimated collab hosted on Twitter @/HotelReanimated

Did you know that every smartphone camera app comes with a non-removable filter that adds a layer of dust to any piece of technology that shows up in frame?

Also peek the alt-text if you wanna see what themes I used for each unless you already recognize them. 👀

Everything can be installed with the default apt package manager.

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Lubuntu (left) and Xubuntu (right) are two great Linux distros for breathing new life into old hardware.

There may not be a whole lot to them at first, with about an hours' worth of tweaks, you can make them pretty indistinguishable from more resource heavy environments.

(Redrafted to fix an image description.)

CPU: Ryzen 9 3950X
GPU: RTX 2080 Ti
RAM: 32GB 3600MHz
Storage: 1TB PCIe NVMe

(I don't actually have this, but could you imagine? lol)

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Today's Linux power move: having ridiculously ballin hardware but running a lightweight desktop anyway.

Like I see open source apps and think "whatever". Then I see proprietary apps like Skype and think "ok, little bit odd, but Microsoft has been warming up to the open-source community, so why not."

And then I see QuickTime and I'm like...


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Anyone ever use Chocolatey and be kinda weirded out on how it works?

Supposedly it runs scripts to download/install software from official sources, but its community packages page looks like an app store that the software vendors wrote off on... until you realize they didn't.

Remember my Windows NT 10 mockup? I'm tempted to crack open Visual Studio and create mockups of built-in UWP apps in WinForms lol

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Edge being based on Chromium has technically moved Microsoft one step away from UWP.


The News: "Stingy Millennials Put Restaurant Chains In Danger Of Closing"


Ok here's how my mock screenshots from yesterday were made. Also reposting the second pic since I forgot the taskbar icons in that one.

Sometime this week I'll probably post any edited/original artwork to download or something.

(Probably will bump sometime tomorrow with how I made this)

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More fake screenshot nonsense in the works. This time tho I'm looking to work smarter, not harder.

Pictured: 12 hours ago vs. now

Setting up a VM with the guest OS on a physical drive that you can also dual-boot into will never not be a trip.

Also replacing the Windows boot loader with GRUB to keep Windows from overriding your BIOS boot order is the ultimate power move.

You know how every streaming service has their own apps with their own UIs for navigating the catalog and playing back video which can be flaky depending on the app and the device?

What if there was a single unifying app (legitimate one btw) for all the major services? Kinda like the RetroArch of streaming.

Because this was my first time doing anything with QBasic, I needed a familiar way to build a prototype. So I did it in C, which you can also find in the same folder as "magdemo.c"

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Back at MAGfest's PC museum, I had an idea to code a demo animation on one of the computers, but it would've taken too long. So I did it at home.

Download the "MAGDEMO.BAS" demo in this folder:

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