I really want to try interacting more over here! I always end up forgetting to post. Lately I have been wanting to try to dip my hand into making comics again | PB

DARKLORD GRANDMA | Boss Animation Test. I'm still teaching myself animation on my off days.

SELF-PORTRAIT | I always end up forgetting to draw the symmetrical moles that I have next to each of my eyes.

GHOST BEE | A little ghost version of my character, Quill, that I wanted to make into a spooky cute avatar for October!

Monster Designs I've been working on lately! I have been adding lots of random legs to things that don't need them | PB

Lately I've been drawing a bunch of Team Dark related artwork to relieve stress | PB

Check out animations, concept work and illustrations of this over at |

ANIMATION BLOG| blog.penbee.net/

PORTFOLIO | www.penbee.net

SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY | I really enjoy how in Super Mario Odyssey-Mario is consistently and positively having a good time no matter the outfit and the place.

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG | Sometimes I forget how much I really love Sonic since I don't really play the games much anymore. Then I'll play Sonic 2 again and remember how much I really love the characters | PB

PRINCESS ACADEMY | Some old concept art from a Princess Finishing School + Male Princess concept where a class of princesses had exaggerated abilities | PB

URSULA MAJOR | I'd really like to come back to my tiny little space pirate girl design one day | PB

DARKLORD GRANDMA | In the concept, the Grandma has two main underworld servants: A Sorcerer and a bulky Skeleton Knight where they would develop into an odd sorta family.

DARKLORD GRANDMA| Over on my other accounts I've been working on a side project called, Darklord Grandma. Based on the idea of what if a sweet old Grandma gained powers of the underworld.

SUPER MARIO BROS | Before I knew about Super Mario Odyssey I was doing a set of clothing swap art.

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG | A couple of years ago I was trying to redesign Sonic & Tails for fun!

I've been practicing in between work these past two years to learn animation. This Hand Animation is still one I am pretty proud of. | PB

Hi! I'm PB| Miracle Mosley, an illustrator and character designer in Atlanta, GA! I am currently learning animation & pixel art!




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