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Hi there. I'm Sonia. I'm just getting back into making art after a ~20 yr hiatus. o_O I like to work on digital paintings inspired by Palestinian folklore, studies, fan art. That's where I'm at atm :D

In my other life, I'm a speculative fiction author on my main: @SoniaSulaiman

Got a minute to do a quick portrait study today. Still keeping up my art-a-day streak!

Reference by Howard Lyon.

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This was for a little prompt of sorts, the theme was "myths and legends". I was inspired by the Finnish legend of Tulikettu, the "fire fox" 🦊

I managed to keep my streak going and made a figure study today, using reference from Adorkastock.

Racialized violence. 

Woke up to find my feed full of videos from Shireen's funeral, Israeli police beating her pallbearers with batons.

Just unreal how ppl are reacting to this by saying they "don't know what started it" and surely there is some reason the Palestinians are to blame.

As a Palestinian, I'm so full of grief and pain rn.

Decided to do value studies for these prompts.

I didn't time them but they felt like exercises. It was nice to focus on simplifying shapes into value.

Two pieces and a WIP! I am trying out yet another brush. Basically I'm working backwards-- finding the most basic brush that will do what I want, or making it myself.

One last pic. I managed to set up my piece for tomorrow: another paint-over of one of the drawings I made to practice line art.

This last week was hard, and today was rough. Trauma all over the place. But I managed to stick to making something every day. I'm kinda proud about that.

Hard to create today.

Every Palestinian I know is carrying around so much pain today. I know the best thing I can do is carry on, to be creative in spite of it all. I have to resist the urge to just crawl back into bed.

Votes for the poll are closed now. What a... hum hum... "lovely?" color. 😆

Thank you for all the participations! Now I'll try to paint a fantasy landscape with this one as my dominant color. I'll toot it here soon.

( If other artists around want to give this challenge a try , we can tag our toots with the hex address: #5b7376 to collect and discover them )

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It's so strange how I can have this condition for over a decade and still be surprised by the regular course of symptoms?

Like, I know it takes a week for me to bounce back from one panic attack. But here I am, only a day or two since my last one, and I'm wondering why I'm depressed.

More tender Queerness.

My current WIP (and I'm counting this for my !). I made a brush for Procreate, and I'm trying it out in this piece. I think it'll work well for me!

Your checklist reminder for posting NSFW art:

1) Mark media as sensitive or hide it behind a content warning

2) Include the # NSFW hashtag (<-- this is so that people who don't want to see any NSFW art can filter the hashtag)

3) Explain *why* it's NSFW so that users can make an informed decision as to whether they want to click through

:bob_ross: :bear_hugs: :bowie_stardust:

Arts for today. I am still in my danmei groove, and nothing will get me out of it. This time it's "what if King: Eternal Monarch x Heaven Official's Blessing?"

Giving myself a little break from the line art practice with some painting.

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