I know I'm supposed to be on break (shhh) but I was able to make a new little icon for myself.

I sketched this shortly before I decided to take my break... I wanted to draw all of my main OCs/sonas in one picture, so a doodle of Kasune, Jackson, and Saga.

When Saga is shy, they use their head wings to hide their face... 😳

My first doodle of my new persona, a nonbinary concubus named Saga πŸ‘πŸ’–

I wanted to draw Zelda but I also pictured her as a mermaid? I thought of a TLoZ AU where Hylians are mermaids instead and live near the Zora.

Continuing with the Monstruma family portraits, here's Riddig with his updated look!

Finishing upload catch-up. An AU doodle I got carried away with. Jackson and Randy are childhood friends in this setting. (Background is a blurred screenshot of the Monsters U campus)

Okay, so maybe I CAN draw Kaard looking like the smug asshole he is. I love him just the same, though.

I don't feel like cleaning this up and coloring it, so I will another time. But uh, Kaardmont height difference. I am definitely weak.

Rouxls Kaard always looks too pretty in my style I'm--

Presenting the worst thing I have ever drawn: 90s anime style Jackson

I wanted to draw some Jackley but during the time they work together in the Galactic Federation office. Jackson is a nightmare to work with, let's be honest.

bonus: those garlic bread rolls were stolen and not bought

Periwinkles symbolize beautifully blossoming friendship. It also means sharing the recollection of a pleasant memory from the past. In the Ukraine, it's tied to folklore about love that lasts through the eternity.

Jackson was given periwinkles as a gift in an RP. πŸ’œ

Jackson in their "water" form, which lets them swim and stay underwater πŸ’œ In order: Androgynous, Feminine, and Masculine!

I am so so proud of these and actually super happy with how they came out!

Warm up of Telulah. I haven't drawn her in a while, and I like how her character has developed.

She went from soft cutie to spunky gremlin dragon... and a dragon that does esports in her modern fantasy world.

Public service announcement:

That's it, that's the announcement, because I love him.

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