Hi, I'm Mars! 27 years old, THEY/THEM. I'm a nonbinary latinx artist!

Art is how I make a living. Your support helps me pay my bills and put food in my fridge!

πŸ‘ peachymars.net/
πŸ‘ CONTACT: mail@peachymars.net
πŸ‘ KOFI: ko-fi.com/peachymars
πŸ‘ PATREON: patreon.com/peachymars


πŸ‘ TOYHOUSE: toyhou.se/peachymars
πŸ‘ FURAFFINITY: furaffinity.net/user/peachymar


πŸ‘ TRADES: Friends/mutuals only
πŸ‘ REQUESTS: Only when I offer


If you want to draw my characters, gift art is OK as long as it is SFW. Please no NSFW/suggestive gift art. Please DO NOT commission art of my OCs without my consent. Thanks!


PC upgrades and things I'd love to have! Thanks for looking!

πŸ‘ a.co/dYYGomI

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