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I don't think I'm gonna keep putting effort into this site, sorry.

Catch you on the flipside.

I don't think I'm gonna keep putting effort into this site, sorry.

Catch you on the flipside.

I know I'm supposed to be on break (shhh) but I was able to make a new little icon for myself.

Caught up on art. Time to vanish again! Thanks for your nice comments and follows, but it's worth nothing I'm more active on twitter under the same username.

I sketched this shortly before I decided to take my break... I wanted to draw all of my main OCs/sonas in one picture, so a doodle of Kasune, Jackson, and Saga.

When Saga is shy, they use their head wings to hide their face... 😳

My first doodle of my new persona, a nonbinary concubus named Saga πŸ‘πŸ’–

I wanted to draw Zelda but I also pictured her as a mermaid? I thought of a TLoZ AU where Hylians are mermaids instead and live near the Zora.

Continuing with the Monstruma family portraits, here's Riddig with his updated look!

Finishing upload catch-up. An AU doodle I got carried away with. Jackson and Randy are childhood friends in this setting. (Background is a blurred screenshot of the Monsters U campus)

(Almost caught up on art but I'm going to stop here for now, apologies for the spam)

Okay, so maybe I CAN draw Kaard looking like the smug asshole he is. I love him just the same, though.

I don't feel like cleaning this up and coloring it, so I will another time. But uh, Kaardmont height difference. I am definitely weak.

Rouxls Kaard always looks too pretty in my style I'm--

Presenting the worst thing I have ever drawn: 90s anime style Jackson

I wanted to draw some Jackley but during the time they work together in the Galactic Federation office. Jackson is a nightmare to work with, let's be honest.

bonus: those garlic bread rolls were stolen and not bought

Periwinkles symbolize beautifully blossoming friendship. It also means sharing the recollection of a pleasant memory from the past. In the Ukraine, it's tied to folklore about love that lasts through the eternity.

Jackson was given periwinkles as a gift in an RP. πŸ’œ

Jackson in their "water" form, which lets them swim and stay underwater πŸ’œ In order: Androgynous, Feminine, and Masculine!

I am so so proud of these and actually super happy with how they came out!

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