Im mega proud of this I’m?? Still experimenting with how im gonna do backgrounds but!! Loving the cute nature stuffs c:

So im not an expert with backgrounds, but I’m trying my best!

Im sorry I haven’t posted in awhile! School’s been tough :’)

Hello my lovely :mastoart:•ARTists!

This is a friendly reminder that we do have rules against flooding on the local/public timelines. Please try to space your toots out so you don't drown out everyone else around you.

I know everyone's impatient to share all their amazing art, but take your time! We're not going anywhere, and we'll be just as happy to see your art later today or in a day or two. :bob_ross:

🌸 I’m Baby? 🌸
Cute little drawing of myself because why not? ♡

WIP! Im not sure when I’ll be finished with this, but hopefully it’ll be soon! :’)

Remember to space out your art posts so you're not flooding the local timeline! And also remember to use hashtags to make your posts easy to find! If you don't know what hashtag to put, is the general one that a lot of people follow.

Why do anything else when I can spend all my time painting hair.

Hi there! Im Nora, and I’m new to this site! I like to draw cutesy, pastel-ish stuff!

This is my baby molly! She has a curse that makes her have owl like features - she can see spirits and is a bit reserved. My oc gwen also has a crush on her and often times tries their best to flirt

Another PSA for new Mastodon.ART users! Yes, this is a server for artists, and a great place to share your art (be it visual, music, gamedev, etc.), but you're also allowed to post personal thoughts and non-art-related things! If you don't want to put that stuff on the public timelines, you can make those toots Unlisted or Followers-only, so that everyone following you sees it but it's not broadcast to the entire server and beyond. Many of us here post a lot of non-art stuff for our followers.

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