What are good tips to get out of a “feeling no confidence” mood when it comes to making your art?

NORMALLY I do 30min studies until my brain is happy. But it’s not working atm….

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And I’m trying to avoid “taking a break” …cuz last time I did that I didn’t do any art for a year…and as consequence skill deterioration + confidence continued to go down.

The break year was also where I let depression run rampant 🤔 everyday after work was a blanket burrito with the lights off. Burrito breaks to do living essentials (eat hygiene etc ) and FFXIV

@PapayaDraws I do intentionally bad stuff - as in, I give myself permission to make art that is specifically not meant to be good, and then I share it online, as a further encouragement of "it's fine if this isn't good, I take enjoyment from the process, not the end result'. ^.^

@Curator I like this! There are those times when it’s like yeah this is gonna be awful but having such a great time creating it anyway is fun.

@PapayaDraws For sure! And I've had plenty of experiences where I've decided I don't like something half way through drawing it, pushed myself to finish it anyway for the practice, still didn't like it at the end, but shared it and someone else loved it - so as long as you're enjoying the process or finding some use out of it, I think it's good ^.^

@Papayadraws change up your tools or process and then tell yourself "this work is just practice as I try a new tool/process". Frees you from the risk of making bad work because you can blame the process instead.

The next level realization is that it's always about the process. You're just a participant in the art making, not the source of error.

@sixohsix this is so nice especially that last sentence. Definitely a good quote to keep in mind.

I do the bits that i do feel comfortable with. For me that's making pretty shapes and not 'representstional' art.

I also watch art YouTube. Watching other people have fun with something makes me want to do the thing.

Developing a ''i have no confidence but I'mma do it anyway" habit, in life in general. That one takes work and ymmv.


Do you have any art YT recomendaciones ? I generally just cycle through DrawThis and NewMastersAcademy since I’m doing the sessions too.

I follow a couple but the one that really inspires me to Make Things is Drawingwithwaffles!

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