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Hello! I'm an illustrator with a focus on fantasy and historical subjects🐉

I take private and commercial commissions, so do get in touch if you think my work would suit your project! 💛


The last of the character pages from our Viking-themed hack of Blades in the Dark! The Hunter 🏹

Latest piece for my Viking-themed Blades in the Dark hack!

CW: eye contact, highly stylised

Okay let's go: Hey I'm kassi or Isabel - a (queer ADD) Illustrator from Germany. New here but not so new on the internet. Please feel free to stay and spend some time with me. I tell stories through images, love pastel colours and fierce characters.

Let me know if we might already know each other :artaww:

Archer !

If you'd also like me to illustrate your idea, drop me an email!

Another small illustration for my Viking-themed hack of Blades in the Dark!

Phew! It's been a busy week or two! But I've managed to find some time to work on a few pieces for my personal project.

Eventually this will be part of a Viking-themed hack of Blades in the Dark that my partner and I are working on!

'Selkies' for my book Seas Of Strangehollow which I'm launching on the 21st June! Don't miss it! You can get notified via my newsletter here: - third book in my Strangehollow world

Doing MerMay is proving to be a challenge in efficiency, but I'm learning!

I've always loved bright orange fish against sea greens and blues!

(CW: eye contact)

of Elric of Melniboné for my Dad's birthday!

He introduced me to Michael Moorcock as a kid by excitedly telling me all he could remember about the various heroic (and not so heroic) protagonists - it's wonderful having nerdy parents 💛

Back-of-the-character-sheet of my dwarven scholar from last night's OpenQuest game! are fun 🐉🪶

These illustrations were inspired by my love for medieval tapestry, patterns and texture ✨
Medium: Photoshop with Wacom Intuos tablet.

"For Evermore"

From the ceiling to the floor
the spider spins for evermore

Over lamp over chair
building castles in the air

In the morning as she must
the little lady comes to dust

From the ceiling to the floor
the spider spins for evermore

JCZ (1965-67?)

The first poem I remember writing. Written some time in the mid 60s.

#poem #poetry #spider #castle #writing #mywork

I've been quiet on the internet for the past week or two - because I've been busy wrapping up a cover illustration commission for the ttrpg One Particular Harbor

and because I just dropped 2700+ USD on a brand new computer and screen tablet, and have had to get that up and running.

You can have a peek at the cover here: and hey maybe help me patch some of the recent holes in my bank account

that would be cool of you.

New character! Water Genasi Warlock Pirate (Undying Patron) - because... I am extra, and if you give me the chance to make a goth pirate with a demon parrot whose ships are crewed by the dead, I will do that 🏴‍☠️

(CW: eye contact)

The pixie princess had fallen in love with a human. Her parents listened to her rave about humans - in the last two centuries they had invented wheeled shoes and music without strings or air.

A visiting elf noble was surprised at how calm the king and queen were, "What if she runs off to be with this human?"

"She's young, so falls in love easily. Last week it was a mermaid."

"Did you know Gavlian merfolk gills are merely decorative?"

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

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