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Hi there :mastodon:
I'm Alfredo F, a portuguese design enthusiast, and passionate about the GNU/Linux world. I've been focus on creating wallpapers for both desktop and mobile, as also themes for plank dock.
All my work is created with free and open-source software (FOSS).
Give me a shout out and follow the links 🙂

🌐 my blog:
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I just added a new resolution to "Bloom" from .

There's now WQUXGA ( 3840X2400 px ) resolution screen available... Give it a try!



What kind of crazy times we live in?! gets demonstrated in a Apple keynote.


Hi everyone.
So, I have good and bad news...

- The bad one -
The new set of "Coastline" wallpaper is delayed and will be released only later this month...
- The good one -
I will be releasing also "Mountain Line", a new and amazing wallpaper set for all of you to enjoy.

Both "Coastline" and "Mountain line" will be the last wallpaper sets to be available on the "Pling" website.
The move to another platform is underway.

Stay tuned!


New wallpaper set coming Next week...
I called "Coastline"... Stay tuned!


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