It's Free Comic Book Day, so I decided to share with you all a comic I only posted over on my

If you like my work or would like to have access to early comic pages, do check out my patreon

I finished the trilogy and this is what I have been thinking of since 😂

Poor Javik. Never had it easy

It was meant to be a warm up doodle, but instead I drew a comic about my fav part of the first episode


As I might have mentioned before, I listen to a table-top called . It's my current fav thing in the world and I always look forward for the next update.

Sadly 2 episodes ago the beloved agent Steridan is no longer with us (I don't want to spoil what happened) and to commemorate this righteous homeboi, I've decided to draw a little of him.

Give the podcast a listen if you haven't already ;)

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