This was the most productive evening I had in a looong while πŸ’ͺ🏼 Enjoy the sneak peaks!

Be sure to check out the proper scans of the drawings on my Patreon.
They won't be online for a couple of weeks, but I have different drawings for you to see 😊


A sketch I made back when I was visiting home.

On some days you just get homesick for a while πŸ˜”

It's kinda funny how this pastry bone just breaks like a real one.

🎀 "I am all out of LOOOOVE!!! WHAT AM I WITHOUT YOUUUUU!!" 🎢 🎡

I get very emotional when I sing this song. Hahaha.
A little doodle of me singing "All out of Love".

It's time!

This time it's just going to be sketches, since I have work today. But I guess that's not too bad

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