It's been a while since my last post (things went a bit out of control irl).
Hope everyone is doing well.

As for me, I have been working on a new comic series. Also I will be on an excavation campaign for 2 months 👍🏼

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Also as part of the Free Comic Book Day, a reminder that I post my webcomic for FREE over on

(or wait till the pages unlock to the public over on Patreon. That also works)

It's Free Comic Book Day, so I decided to share with you all a comic I only posted over on my

If you like my work or would like to have access to early comic pages, do check out my patreon

I finished the trilogy and this is what I have been thinking of since 😂

Poor Javik. Never had it easy

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Death: Vya

"The reversed Death card can show that you are going through a massive personal transformation, often in private and out of view from others. You are releasing what no longer serves you so that you can make space for the new to emerge."

I know it's May now, and April Fools Journey is over, but I had one more left in me ❤️

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Queen of Cups: Nellie

“[The Queen of Cups] is a woman who seems to know what’s wrong even before you open your mouth…Affectionate and loving, she hugs, heals, and bakes cookies for her children. Her intuition is uncanny and her temper…well, it runs very deep and you don’t ever want it turned against you.”

I wish there was some way Nellie could always have stars in her hair <3

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Page of Pentacles: Other Simon

"The Page is always an intellectual card, and the suit of Pentacles is traditionally associated with introspection and conscientiousness. The Page of Pentacles represents a skillful, attentive, and studious youth who is both self-disciplined as well as a go-getter."

Other Simon comes up in the next chapter, and I am so excited!

It was meant to be a warm up doodle, but instead I drew a comic about my fav part of the first episode


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Vya is convinced that love is no longer an option. Every time he falls for a boy it brings nothing but trouble. But he’s about to find out that magic is real, life is surprising, and nothing can control a heart for long.



Of course I get a comic idea, when I am on the bus and didn't take my sketchbook with me 🤦🏼‍♀️

As I might have mentioned before, I listen to a table-top called . It's my current fav thing in the world and I always look forward for the next update.

Sadly 2 episodes ago the beloved agent Steridan is no longer with us (I don't want to spoil what happened) and to commemorate this righteous homeboi, I've decided to draw a little of him.

Give the podcast a listen if you haven't already ;)

I hope you guys don't mind me rambling about Mass Effect again.

I am soon finishing the 2nd game and I am at the awkward part, where everyone is flirting and every dialogue choice feels like impending doom. Hahaha

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