Another doodle I drew with my left hand, in order to rest my dominant hand from overwork.

I'm still amazed how well it's going considering my left handwriting used to be like chicken scratches.

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An infographic I made for my nutrition class, because it is a subject near and dear to my heart (I had three really bad depression spells this semester) Sharing because I thought it would be useful to everybody <3 Depression is more than just what you eat, but what you eat impacts your depression.

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Hello, everyone.

If you have the means, please donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund:

Or to the Northstar Health Collective for medical supplies:

If you don't have means, please share these links with others, or research other ways you can help. Protect the folks doing the hard work on the ground protesting police violence and racial injustice, and support and uplift black voices.

From all of us here of .ART: Take care. We love you. 💜

I managed to write a short summary for a short comic about Maltese fantasy creatures and wizards.

Here are some sketches I did of the main characters.

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I really want to make a Maltese comic, but I don't have any solid ideas

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I don't know who needs this information but back when I did colored pencils a lot I'd buy them from a secondhand discount art supply store or some dusty location

so the leads instead were often brittle or already broken-

a quick fix is to microwave the pencils for 3 seconds to melt/reform the lead inside.

My brother just said Howl's walking castle instead of moving

I can't 😂 🤣

A rather spooky drawing I did a couple of days ago.

I'll be posting coloured versios of this on my patreon.

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So I finally read Howl's Moving Castle and I really enjoyed it!

And since I have been thinking a lot about them, have some Fanart. 😂 I might colour it later.

I haven't been active much here, but I have been working nearly every day on a Mass Effect DnD story.

I also GM'd my first session! It was really exciting and I learned a lot. I'll share some sketches later on to this post

Setting up everything for online lecturing.

Who knew that doing livestreams would be become such an essential tool for work

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