Today is Nightworldlove_'s (Twitter) Birthday!

And since I was planning on doing a comic-study for a new project, I made it theirs 🧡

Happy Birthday Jeem! I hope you have a wonderful day today 🌸✨
Please go and wish them a happy Birthday today 🎉

I've seen a tik tok (from ukelaylie) about making an Art Influence Map, which was designed by fox-orian on Deviant Art.

Since I am currently very much working on improving my illustration, I had to do it!

Might habe to do another one for general Inspiration and/or animation~

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of course on my second art post on here I had to forget the hashtag, that I planned to use for sketchbook art :'D

Have been studying in the past few days.
Some of them of , to get a feel for some scenes (most of them not pictured here, because I was trying out existing panels) and then working on how I would translate things into my own style.

Played around with brushes, too!

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People think that revolutions and changes were made by being polite?????

I think I‘ll draw at uni today.

Like a little Mother‘s Day thingy, even though it is already no Mother‘s Day anymore. But she loves getting things outside of that day, and if I gift her something a day later, she might be a little happier about it :D

mental health 

Sadly working through something right now, so I am a little slower as usual.

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I have decided that Chris' Stoutland is a gigantic dog because I'm very smart and Game Freak is very wrong about their average size

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Last night I stayed up longer just two watch the first season of Heartstopper.

And to cope with my own emotions and feelings I went on drawing 9 little black and white studies of the first two episodes.

There is no spoilers in these, these pictures are not set into context.

meds talk (ADHD) 

First of all I am very privileged to have gone for a diagnosis and live in a country with health care where my meds are not exhaustingly expensive to get.

Every time I take my meds and just feel the way they work after an hour I am here like "yes. this was worth all the trouble I have gone through to find someone who listens to me"

Took ages, felt very defeated a lot of the times, but yes, this gives me peace.

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