We've got a convention we're selling at tomorrow, do all arty just... Immediately went on hold about a week or so ago, so that we can prep.

Still not done. ;-;

Can't wait until we resume normality.

Before our Calling? Oh, so much Falling...
🎼 Patricia Taxxon - Astral 2 (distorted)
Art - Alice • Editing - John

A new app called came out, and it's a really interesting little thing; exactly like Vine, it allows you to upload 6 seconds of video. This is Amazing for art, because it's a Challenge, and challenges breed creativity in ways you've not discovered yet!

John sat down to experiment with old art, based on feeling and not always visuals.

@presolace oh no
Every year we says we'll do it...
Every year we're super busy. ;o;

@jendrawscomics ooo I like this idea. It feels a lot similar- but on a more social level- to the Gratification Journal excercises: At the end of the day, or whenever you're feeling down, write three things you're grateful for. Properly muse over why.

It sounds wishy washy, but it genuinely helps the mood.

@Zhjake We recently started listening, and haven't gotten to the Wonderland arch yet; but this is making me so excited to get there. ;u; gosh this is so so great!

Daily Doodle work as of tonight:

• 20/23 Days finished
• 8/23 Days scanned & cleaned


• 3.5/69 eps of the Adventure Zone down.~

@Rheall Using portrait mods for me usually depend on how they draw Harvey, and if they're a full set.

But I love this style a lot! Would definitely try it out.

Although I want to upload them in order, I'm really happy with today's Diary Doodle!

Mr Kensington spent today *attempting* our taxes, like the hero he is. Unsurprisingly this didn't go as well as anyone hoped, so the poor thing got a bit irate.

Today's doodle was by Alistar, and was an attempt to push for better posing. We also learnt the gorgeousness of sketch-patterning.

Taking care of yourself can start with something small! Maybe today you just need to lie down on the couch instead of on your bed for a change of scenery.

But yes! Considering our absence (besides lurking), I thought a little update was fair.

2019 consisted of a lot of adjusting to a whole different way of life, and we were swallowed up into the maw of mental health issues. So we lost a lot of time, or got stuck in particular projects, or I- once again- got fixated on something out of passion or panic.

Often too, I avoid places like Mastodon because of striving for perfection; and that normally causes fear. I'm working on that too. 🌟

~ Alistar

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One of the Biggest tells that it's going well, is our 'Doodle Diary': a page a day, whether a dot, a collage, or a full painting, we just Draw.

It's the 23rd. We've missed One so far.

Previously the furthest I got in a daily challenge was about four days.

Gosh I've learnt so much from doing this book! We're cleaning up the images slowly, so we'll post them here when they're ready.

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Every year you hope that *this* is the year you get it together; but for me, it's often a false start, followed by lost time to lost health...

This year though.

The Kensingtons- two of our Alters- being open with me, was likely the best thing they could have done. And I think they know that. I think that's why they came clean.

And now I'm taking leaps, I'm following schedules, I'm finishing projects, and mostly, I'm setting achievable goals.

Alters aren't meant to work alone,
and it shows.

@atoxicgreencat09 Sadly it never really took off due to personal reasons; mental health and general time-restrictions. ;; But it's still an AU close to my heart, and I appreciate the love, thank you!

Everyone's bets on how far they'll get into , this year? 😂

I missed day one,
so I'm at a good start.

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