Before our Calling? Oh, so much Falling...
🎼 Patricia Taxxon - Astral 2 (distorted)
Art - Alice • Editing - John

A new app called came out, and it's a really interesting little thing; exactly like Vine, it allows you to upload 6 seconds of video. This is Amazing for art, because it's a Challenge, and challenges breed creativity in ways you've not discovered yet!

John sat down to experiment with old art, based on feeling and not always visuals.

Although I want to upload them in order, I'm really happy with today's Diary Doodle!

Mr Kensington spent today *attempting* our taxes, like the hero he is. Unsurprisingly this didn't go as well as anyone hoped, so the poor thing got a bit irate.

Today's doodle was by Alistar, and was an attempt to push for better posing. We also learnt the gorgeousness of sketch-patterning.

Here's two finished pieces that we forgot about entirely! Because we do that way too much these days, even after all that effort. ;;

Some Tictail closing .

Left belongs to
Aeroproto, right to

Live now with the Emote Character Design challenge!
Do come join in, and feel free to design along.~

Darlings! We're playing some 'Love Live' and testing out the iPad's streaming capabilities. It could go to shit, or you could end up with grown men fighting for their anime wives.~

On a more appealing note: We have a Cat Cam now!

Mr. Kensington || Protector
He/Them • 27 • Marionette
Broadcast Host {outer}

Charming, Sarcastic, Logical. One half of the BRB's iconic duo, and the System's stern guardian. If anything goes wrong on the outside, Mr K was calmly ready for it 5 minutes prior.

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A recent for the wonderful Mellemony on twitch!

Paid work doesn't gel well with our health, so this had been sat there for months. Thing is, each Alter is actually pretty good at their own thing! So with that, we used this to work out a factory-line approach that could allow us quicker and better output on art.

Miss K worked out how branches flow, I- Alistar- did the sketch/flats, Charlie did the shading, and whoever did the final touches. ♥

Charlie Callahan || Memory Keeper
He/Him • 45 • Angel
Psychology Teacher {inner}

Diligent, Reliable, Perceptive. Charlie is our head researcher; between his attention-span, and genuine interest in the human mind, he's allowed us to intake incredibly crucial information.

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Alistar Kensington || Primary Host
He/Him • 27 • Emotional Shapeshifter
Illustrator {outer}

Passionate, Excitable, and incredibly Driven to create. Alistar encourages us to be ourselves, and to be proud of who we are. Even the most troubling Alters are receiving of his love.

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Hello, darlings! I'm Alistar, a disabled illustrator, streamer, and the host of a traumagenic multiplicity System.

These days I mostly use art to document our mental health journey, and I encourage our Alters to do the same. As such, you might find posts written and signed by the others.

I'm also a rather inactive mod on the .art instance, and mostly behind the scenes showrunner of the .art Discord!

🖤 twitch @
🖤 insta @

But yes- hello!

I'm hoping at this point in my life, I can stick to a bit more. I miss the feeling this community brings, the interactions, the feedback, and not feeling like you're yelling into a Void.

Newcomers: Welcome! I know Mastodon's layout can be a bit confusing, but it is completely worth learning. You'll get a much more social, hands-on art experience here.

Also, people from other verses can follow you, so you'll still get interactions with non-artists on occasion. ♥

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On most social media, we have separate accounts. But on here, we'll be sharing their more artwork-based pieces on @Otherbuttons.

If another Alter is typing, they'll sign it with their name. Otherwise, it's the same old Alistar (minus a few quirks that turned out to be the others).~

If anyone has any questions regarding this whole thing, we've done a Lot of research and can also speak from our own experiences. So long as you're willing to learn, we're happy to answer!

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Not everyone's playing ball, but we've been encouraging everyone in the System to work on their output via creative medium.

Some sketch, some do collage, some bake, some sing. Most of us are creative sorts, understandably: we're in the same System.

The Kensingtons and I still stream too, and- since switches are hard to manage/stop- they often join in over there.

Mostly, we're being open in the hopes that we can destigmatize what's likely DID or OSDD. We're not harmful.

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I accepted it that night, understanding that- despite no diagnosis- if I ignored this, and them, it would only get worse.

And I wouldn't want to be ignored if it were me.

It's been four months since, and we've come a long way. Each Alter has their own issues, mental illnesses, needs; we've been handling those slowly, dealing with a Lot of flashbacks, handling the stigma that comes with it, etc.

It's been really goddamn hard, but 'my' life has become a lot more stable since.

(art by Charlie.)

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I went into denial, not because I was scared of them, but because I was scared of judgement. The Kensingtons and previous experiences had already familiarised me with this concept, and I wasn't surprised.

We think that's what the BRB was. Victoria- 'The Operator'- was another who had been writing messages in riddle and rhyme. They all made sense now. She was preparing me for it.

One after the other, more and more Alters came forward. But I took backseat in the mind for a week, until therapy.

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I kept going on with that, and the 'British Revisionary Broadcasting' revealed more of itself to me in these episodes.

Looking back now? I wasn't the one in charge of the body, or at least I was influenced heavily by one of the other Alters.

As I went on though, despite 'completing this puzzle' keeping me alive, my mental health got worse.

I actually don't remember much of before, now. But I do remember the day they when suddenly, I was not me, but 'I' was the Kensingtons.

And then I wasn't.

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Anyone who remembers me, might remember 'the Kensington Marionettes'. These two were voices in my head that allowed me to understand my mind, they kept me calm, and my life and art took on meaning when I concentrated on them. They felt like the first real thing in my life.

They were also taken from night-time 'Episodes' where I didn't feel like me, and felt more like I used to feel when I 'wasn't me'. It all got a bit cryptic, but ready to give up on life, I went with it.

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Hey there! I'm Alistar- used to be Alice- and I'm by all technicalities an absentee moderator of .art~

I lurk mod occasionally, but I've been away due to life/health issues. Chronic Illness and Depression kept me down, Anxiety kept me inactive, I finally realised I was trans, and uh-

A lot of personalities in my head revealed who they were, and that I was a part of a Traumagenic System. Turns out that's what the Kensingtons- my 'mental guides'- were. I'll go more into that in the next post...

When your art isn't how you wish it would be, it's your duty to change that. And so I've been experimenting again.

I'd like my style to be closer to what I see in my dreams, with a logical illogical. Featureless yet recognizable.

This isn't exactly what I want, but it's a start.

{ Twitch Creative } Let's Learn Gesture Drawing! Using, tonight we'll be participating in timed Quick Sketches. Perhaps we can track down that elusive Line of Action?

Live in Five @

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