Yesterday's stats: 3,007 alive Mastodon servers, 3,116,319 registered Mastodon users, 478,046 active Mastodon users


@Gargron Without the context, suddenly reading 'Yesterday's stats: 3,007 alive 'was the most ominous thing on my timeline lmao :artghost:

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@Otherbuttons @Gargron ohh yes even I got confused by the line breaks 😅

Read it as "3,007 alive/Mastodon servers: 3,116,319/registered Mastodon users: 478,046/active Mastodon users" 🥴

Then I was like "hey wait that doesn't add up—how can there be so many more servers than registered Mastodon users?" 🤔

Anyway—great to hear the news, and the fact that we have more than 3,007 alive makes it even sweeter 🤪

@Otherbuttons @Gargron I was thinking of President Roslin’s whiteboard with the human count on it in Battlestar Galactica.

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