{ System Introduction }

Curious about who we all are?
Then do see below.

- Updated as illustrations are done -

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Alistar Kensington || Primary Host
He/Him • 27 • Emotional Shapeshifter
Illustrator {outer}

Passionate, Excitable, and incredibly Driven to create. Alistar encourages us to be ourselves, and to be proud of who we are. Even the most troubling Alters are receiving of his love.

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Charlie Callahan || Memory Keeper
He/Him • 45 • Angel
Psychology Teacher {inner}

Diligent, Reliable, Perceptive. Charlie is our head researcher; between his attention-span, and genuine interest in the human mind, he's allowed us to intake incredibly crucial information.

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Mr. Kensington || Protector
He/Them • 27 • Marionette
Broadcast Host {outer}

Charming, Sarcastic, Logical. One half of the BRB's iconic duo, and the System's stern guardian. If anything goes wrong on the outside, Mr K was calmly ready for it 5 minutes prior.

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We're doing a bit of spring cleaning, which is why there's a large amount of illustrations being posted today alone. We'll calm it down after today, but the Alter list is a rather important one to pin.

Also, this isn't by far the whole amount of us. We're likely polyfragmented, which means we're susceptible to a high amount of break-offs. Still, Alistar spent two weeks trying to learn wings and is apparently 'not going back to the portraits until I'm over it'.~

- Charlie

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@FinalSundragon Thank you so much! ;o; After years of attempting to get something I like, this is really appreciated.

@Otherbuttons all of these are so amazing to see, I’m loving the introductions!

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