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{ System Introduction }

Curious about who we all are?
Then do see below.

- Updated as illustrations are done -

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Hello, darlings! I'm Alistar, a disabled illustrator, streamer, and the host of a traumagenic multiplicity System.

These days I mostly use art to document our mental health journey, and I encourage our Alters to do the same. As such, you might find posts written and signed by the others.

I'm also a rather inactive mod on the .art instance, and mostly behind the scenes showrunner of the .art Discord!

🖤 twitch @
🖤 insta @

Everyone's bets on how far they'll get into , this year? 😂

I missed day one,
so I'm at a good start.

Here's two finished pieces that we forgot about entirely! Because we do that way too much these days, even after all that effort. ;;

Some Tictail closing .

Left belongs to
Aeroproto, right to

We've been so exhausted since we got back on Monday, yet also really busy still. ;;

We worked on social media backlog for a day or two, then had two new Alters resurface (which caused a few days unease), decided to organise what Instagram gets which, And we went to an impromptu System Meet yesterday!

Plus we had to do this whilst balancing time for the kids to front/other Alters' needs.

Our body is screaming. ;o;

We're away this weekend, we've been busy all week, and basically I miss drawing. ;;

Plus- unfortunately- my stress and paranoia reached its climax last weekend. I split off a new Alter. But oh my gosh the art he draws! Orion is obsessed with constellations and space, and his doodles are these intense, cosmic, gel-pen patterns.

I'll take some proper photos when we get back.

John here! Still going strong.~

So far we've designed a Radioactive Woolen Skiier, and we're currently on a Skulltopus!~

Come on in; next emotes are bein' taken from chat.

Live now with the Emote Character Design challenge!
Do come join in, and feel free to design along.~

Darlings! We're playing some 'Love Live' and testing out the iPad's streaming capabilities. It could go to shit, or you could end up with grown men fighting for their anime wives.~

On a more appealing note: We have a Cat Cam now!

Mr. Kensington || Protector
He/Them • 27 • Marionette
Broadcast Host {outer}

Charming, Sarcastic, Logical. One half of the BRB's iconic duo, and the System's stern guardian. If anything goes wrong on the outside, Mr K was calmly ready for it 5 minutes prior.

Mr. Kensington || Protector
He/Them • 27 • Marionette
Broadcast Host {outer}

Charming, Sarcastic, Logical. One half of the BRB's iconic duo, and the System's stern guardian. If anything goes wrong on the outside, Mr K was calmly ready for it 5 minutes prior.

We did so little all day: missed therapy, lazy streamed, watched videos...

And then Mother fronted around 10pm.

She proceeded to deep clean our entire desk, under our desk, paint our nails, strip our nails, learn occult history, do the naughty, clean up our bedside floor, 'wear down' the cat, and converse on discord.

She doesn't come out often, but when she does? She means business. And I appreciate that so damn much. ;o;

I whipped up a quick diagram earlier to remember the image layouts for thumbnails on Mastodon.

If anyone would like to use it for reference, here it is:

"You know, I think the only thing I wish Mastodon had? A Media Ta-"

Oh yeah, it has one.
And it's more aesthetically pleasing than Twitter's by far.

Good ol' Mastodon.~

A recent for the wonderful Mellemony on twitch!

Paid work doesn't gel well with our health, so this had been sat there for months. Thing is, each Alter is actually pretty good at their own thing! So with that, we used this to work out a factory-line approach that could allow us quicker and better output on art.

Miss K worked out how branches flow, I- Alistar- did the sketch/flats, Charlie did the shading, and whoever did the final touches. ♥

Hello my lovely :mastoart:•ARTists!

One last note before I wind down for bed: We have a new mod!

Well, not "new"… they've been around for a long while, but they took some time away to focus on personal stuff. Now they're back in the mod seat, and better than ever!

Say hello to your new awesome •ART Mod:

:dabart2: @Otherbuttons :dabart:

Give them a warm welcome, and possibly a follow too! They'll also be able to help you with any issues or questions you have.

Take care! :mona_kiss:

Sorry we weren't around yesterday; Mr K woke up and instantly pushed me out of front so he could fix the stream lag. Which turned into a 5 hour stream. Which turned into fatigue. ;;

Therapy today, and then I'll be back to reply to messages later! 🖤

We're doing a bit of spring cleaning, which is why there's a large amount of illustrations being posted today alone. We'll calm it down after today, but the Alter list is a rather important one to pin.

Also, this isn't by far the whole amount of us. We're likely polyfragmented, which means we're susceptible to a high amount of break-offs. Still, Alistar spent two weeks trying to learn wings and is apparently 'not going back to the portraits until I'm over it'.~

- Charlie

Charlie Callahan || Memory Keeper
He/Him • 45 • Angel
Psychology Teacher {inner}

Diligent, Reliable, Perceptive. Charlie is our head researcher; between his attention-span, and genuine interest in the human mind, he's allowed us to intake incredibly crucial information.

Alistar Kensington || Primary Host
He/Him • 27 • Emotional Shapeshifter
Illustrator {outer}

Passionate, Excitable, and incredibly Driven to create. Alistar encourages us to be ourselves, and to be proud of who we are. Even the most troubling Alters are receiving of his love.

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