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Hello there! We're Otherbuttons: a collection of dissociated personalities who do the Thing, the Thing, as well as the Awareness thing (we share experiences on , , , and a little ). Also the .art Mod thing on occasion.~

We mostly flutter between developing stories, or working on a DID-insight 'tabletop' series called 'the Inner Worlds'.

You can find links to all of those @

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With lots of new creative people on Mastodon, it means lots of new Original Characters are going to be popping up about the place...

So how about an tag to learn more about them:

It's always so interesting to learn about everyone's brain-children, with all their stories and designs and themes.

Sorry we haven't been around much; we've been spending a ton of time prepping for .

Problem is, it's left us with no energy to write closed captions for any of it. So we've just not been posting here until we have the spoons.

We finally (barely) have the energy to stream!

's coming up fast, so we're going to finalise some character designs today hopefully.

'Yeah- I have the time to hyperfixate on NPC Roleplay! I don't need to DRAW-'

Artfight: *looms*

'okay. fuck.'

adhd brain go ááááááááááá

Experiment :D

I've created a 51-page 'art book' that's like an ancient codex of fae creatures, with pages of illustrations, asemic writing, sketches, etc.

It's 'free or tip', available as a high res digital download PDF.

Created with MidJourney.

(I've hidden the artwork here because it's AI-generated which some people find disturbing to look at)

Vi's vibin' on stream today, and finishing up as many old unfinished sketches as she can...

because oh god our procreate gallery is a mess.

Challenged ourself during a request stream to draw with only the pencil tool & the MSpaint 95 palette, and omg is it a vibe

a little one fronted and quietly drew this with madame f. ;o; my heart.

anyway, fanart of the best retro game:

You know what? U.K. did bloody amazing, and as someone who's never patriotic: actually proud.

Ukraine deserved that victory. 🇺🇦

i- we're-

united kingdom is winning

what is happening right now????

I leave you with giant Ditto.

It is new, and big,
and we love it dearly.

to the Chocolate Room.'

An illustration for the next episode of our DID Inner Worlds series. It's one of the oldest, most iconic locations in our system, so we wanted it to be special.

🖌️ biro + mildliner & promarker

Today's listening:

This sort of music is both the most relaxing to us, but also triggers a particular alter out. And I wonder why I'm in That State of Mind again, ha.

Between chromatic mediants, and slow music with heavy reverb, the world feels quiet for once.

MH rambles: Burnout?? 

Once again this ramble started as one topic and ended as another.

People find that frustrating in us. I don't know if it's the ADHD or not, but my brain just won't stay in one place: it follows the interesting things.

I keep switching between 'my' and 'ours'. I wonder if that's a sign. Or maybe I'm just an ignorant host.

We've been meaning to work on the Inner Worlds again, but we're stuck on a boring part of a collage for the Inventing Room. And OCs seem eh right now.

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MH rambles: Burnout?? 

These sort of rambles usually go in our IG stories to an audience who follows for them, but today I can't be bothered wrestling with that site's awful UI.

If you'd have seen our Twitter during those nights, there is both benefit and detriment (to those viewing) to giving us easy-posting over organised stories.

I do like stories for the visual overlap. But I am very tired and mentally exhausted and I can't wrestle with bullshit today.

I also can't draw despite wanting. >:V

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MH rambles: Burnout?? 

We realised recently that 'the feeling we get at night' was actually another alter. It doesn't identify as a person, it doesn't really have a name, it is 'Us as in I' but also 'I as in Us'.

It makes our brain feel frantic, but also we like the feeling a lot. Like there's no mask anymore. A flow of thought with no filter.

It's not properly hit yet.
If it even will.
It derails us.

Despite DID stereotypes, it is not harmful. Our therapist compared it to an 'Organismic Self'.

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MH rambles: Burnout?? 

I think I'm having another bout of 'my art is meaningless and it could be so much more', but in that... 'I need to portray the deepest recesses of us'.

But at the same time, I don't know how to draw those things. It's always the same white on black, floating through the void, eyes covered by static.

Perhaps that Is what our soul is?

But then a crushing feeling of 'unmarketable' hits, even though I don't Care if we're marketable.

Is this It again? Or am I me? I hate this.

MH Thoughts: Sensory Meltdowns 

I don't think it was helped that yesterday was the Anxiety Spike day: aka the moment you remember just how much shit you have to do and it's incredibly overwhelming all at once.

Follow that by Mr K angry ranting to our counsellor for an hour over how desperately the NHS MH services have failed us and others.

I feel like we're rolling back onto a burnout period. Which means our non-burnout period was [time does not exist] a week??? Two?? god our memory is spent.

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MH Thoughts: Sensory Meltdowns 

We have narrowly avoided meltdown no. 2 of the last 24 hours.

The first was a cement-like texture from an experimental Apple Crumble, the second was the fridge smell. Both surprises to cause any trouble, and I think that made it worse.

I feel like others think sensory MDs are these pathetic things, like 'it's just a smell, get over it' but it's like they eat at your brain, rooting into you. Everything feels like the end of the world and panic and Too Much.

things i learnt from this post:

hashtags in content warnings don't function. :V

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Finally watched Moon Knight ep.6: a brief note 

We'll put up our proper thoughts at a time where we're not mentally exhausted and dissociated, because between that and seeing MoM today...

It has been a rollercoaster.

I can say though that one particular scene near the beginning was so hard-hitting in a DID System way that we cried in a way that's still effecting us. It was that one line:

'I survived because I knew I wasn't alone.'

we're having a lot of system feelings today.

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