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Do you:
- Like guitar/bass riffs?
- Like every verse in a song being different?
- Not enjoy moving to newer places cuz you don't want certain types of people to find out about yr queerness?

Well then:

Also, I know bookface is like BLEH DEVIL BLEH BLEH, but it's where I do most of my arting stuff because that's where the majority of people who consume my art hang out.

So it's over there that I've created a group for me to share mandala-drawing tips and tricks, pattern ideas, references, templates, tutorials, etc.

If you're on there and have an interest, it's at . <3

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

I need to spend a night prepping my next Netlabel Day single, but can't seem to find the motivation to listen to experimental horrifying frequencies over and over while trying to work out why the kick drum is giving me a migraine...

Still, I got the art for it done :)

Music work is all about spreadsheets & whiteboards full of instrument mixing checkboxes...

I hope the crowdfund supporters appreciate the promo codes at least :)

Sooo, @warpgate9 and I are doing a thing - we're tentatively dipping our toes into the coffee business and setting up a mobile coffee cart that we can sell coffee from roadside and at festivals and markets and stuff. We've got the expensive coffee machine and thought we'd #crowdfund for help with things like the grinder and generator, for which we'll send you postcards and stickers with krakens on 'em.


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I was holding off restructuring my Patreon until the end of 2018 but given terrible monetary & social circumstances I've added promo codes to every reward level.

Go support a trans artist with a massive recent discography who's happy to look ugly most days:

Here are my cards from yesterday! They're A5 size, the greeting cards are $2 and on beige card with envelopes, and the postcards are $1 and on white card. All original, ink and metallic paint.



Up to 2: $2
Up to 4: $3
Up to 6: $4.50

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

Currently playing guitar/bass & singing through the entirety of Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness, improving it in the process.

Queerness is godliness
And godliness is queerness
And queerness is plentiful
Just like
*looks around*

This comes out on June the 29th. It'll be on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, and other sites/apps, and available a week early to all $6+ Patreon backers.

25 instrumental versions of songs from prior releases, for people who dislike my voice & fear my words. (That's the general population covered)

To stave off panic attacks related to existing as I do, I decided to type up a rest of 2018 release schedule. It's 3 singles, 1 EP, and a few compilations.

Back to starving to survive for now.

Re: last RT.

That may be one of the best pieces of music I have heard in many years.

Go check it out, it's a work in progress feels like a complete spiral.

Not to toot my own horn* but I think the fact I can draw in collaborators who are amazing & more experienced than me for future projects proves I'm not as much of an arguable terrible artist with a deathwish as people assume.

Sorry, just got confirmation that the person who played bass/drums on this gainpunk horror track is collabing with me on an EP at the end of the year :D

*I don't play any brass :(

@OsirisSaline the basics of most of what i do was established early on, by people who were very to extremely good at what they do. it helps, still

past that i was able to wander off and start exploring, and did. (i sort of got semi-politely asked to leave for violin though, heh)

so then, doing more specialized advanced study became an as-needed thing, which also helps, because foundation

Once you have some core understanding of a specific expertise go and do whatever you like after that of course, because following exact courses of exact skills can limit your imagination and growth.

But if you're just starting out getting the safety & foundation to expand your skills later on is a good route. Then go research/teach yourself the rest as and when you need it.

More and more these days I notice a lot of advice I give starts with 'Make sure to ask professionals about the basics.'

That's not because the basics necessarily need to be taught by professionals, but if you're dealing with anything involving physical creation/electricity, the people who offer to teach are generally going to drum it into your heads how important not hurting yourself/someone else is.

It sounds boring, but, I mean, imagine working with electric stuff & not grounding yourself?

The only major key things I record that aren't full of misery lyrics seem to be covers people friends suggest.

For proof here's a major key Libertines - Don't Look Back Into The Sun, with a misery thump Transvision Vamp - Down On You b-side:

Go back us on:

Where do the Kemp brothers stay when they go on holiday at Butlins?

A Spandeau Chalet

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