The only piece of fine art I have left, and it was the very final piece I drew because of the aforementioned "there isn't the same life in this picture as there is in my head when drawing it, I have peaked and need more in art than this" is this A3 piece, that scanned in as 2 pics for some tech reason.

I know this is "good", and I love the kittens that I got to draw in it ofc, but my music has life and more than rendering behind it.

In other animal news here's a possum interested in a delivery of grapes.

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Flashback to the time I wanted to make some horror score pieces after playing the first half of the Timesplitters 2 campaign for the 500th time some years ago:

A family of ducks held a victory in a race against my non-duck legs.

There's no shame in losing, particularly to ducks.

This is a pretty nice bassy wee near house EDM song with a lot of cool ambience & synths going on behind the obvious instruments:

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Sometimes I feel really down, but then Zooey pulls a sleepy face and life is much improved.

All animals are great.

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Carl is a very happy lizard friend. I believe he's a bearded dragon but I'm not too clued up on the variety of lizard pals out there.

[Photo marked as sensitive for those not keen on lizards]

A friend drew a picture of Zooey winking at me in an intense way and I love it.

They take commissions (shout @ me in a PM if you need anything from sketches to full watercolour done and I'll share their commission contact details w/ you)

Some form of hermit crab has claimed a shopping bag for a home. Now I will never be able to shop again.

'Let's see how the possums are doing in the heat, I gave them some berries before so...oh...'

Possums being tired of the heat and flopping out to cool down is the best.

This comes out in a week.

It's the OST from a future classic sh'mup that has been lost in another dimension for now. But no good idea ever truly dies. Parahelion lives!

It's full of bleeps, bloops, and a few doots.

And yeah, the trans flag was intentional, what of it?

This old picture sums up the bear pretty well

'Come here.'
'No. If you want me, you'll go past the poisonous spiders, jagged tree branches, and a metal fence. Prove you love me.'

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