I'll be using this as cover art for something in future maybe.

This is an old pic too but I think it summed up my drum playing contentedness as a wee embarrassing teenager way too into psychobilly and fast goff music.

Again, not much changes.

I don't have many old pics of myself any more for trans reasons & getting over Past Me, but this is nice

I used to have thick long hair and it was great. Teen me was obvs a proper trans girl wanting to break out the more I think on it...

I regularly remember why I stop playing drums, cuz I break at least one stick per session and buying more is a hassle sometimes.

Even teenage me was terribly snappy with technique and had a huge problem with breaking stuff via creativity. *attaches pic*

I blame listening to Therapy? and wanting to play like Fyfe tbh. For my teenage self & current self.

This weekend I swore off the web, but I just cut off all my hair cuz it was a big deal to work with. Curly wavy long nightmarish layers y'know.

At leats I can use old avatars again!

Pais (www.highgreendawn.co.uk) drew this of me a few years back and it's still quite cute :)

I swear I uploaded this many moons ago but these brushtail possums (a parent & a child) eating leftover cat biscuits were a regular part of my life for a year and a bit.

Dunno why this turkey has decided I'm their friend but today is the second day they've come over to me and not ran away.

Considering brushturkeys run away from everyone cuz people are cruel to them in general it is quite nice.

'Why were you digging in the dirt with the turkeys a minute ago? You're a cat, not a turkey.'

The Boy: *shocked expression for 3 minutes*

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Me & Chris are hot trans messes who both grew up listening to dreampop, prunk, and indie as cliche as The Libertines.

So we embraced that for this collaborative single: osirissaline.bandcamp.com/albu

He painted the amazing cover art. Marked as sensitive for mild horror/mild nudity.

Hey, a good creative friend & IRL glam pop punk wonder has just put out the cutest enamel pin.

Yorkshire Ghost

You can buy them from here: shop.highgreendawn.co.uk/produ

Zooey loved his kitten cave so much that when he grew up and gained a bit of weight he sat on it until it became a literal bed.

I tried to move it away to see if he'd mind it being chucked out cuz he has so many beds but he got very upset so it remains in the middle of the floor at all times.

Always remember where you came from, that's the lesson Zooey wants us to remember.

Don't trust large house cat breeds.

They will hunt down a moth and destroy everything else in the process.

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Hey! Yeah, you.

Here's a mother possum sitting in front of a baby possum while it sleeps.

Possums are the best, even if their night time seething scares anyone from outside Australia who visits me.

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