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Sail [Composer/Musician]

Have a ambient feedback horror piece.

Created for Vulpiano Records for 2018.


It'll be up on the Free Music Archive sometime within the next 24 hours :)

LICENSE: Attribution, No Derivatives [CC BY-ND]

Here's Zooey trying to socialize with Charlie, a kitten we homed & looked after until we could find him a local guardian who had space for his development.

Tree ferns are the water coolers of animal life.

Hey, here's my boy excitedly noticing a blepping friend of his.

Yesterday I spent a little bit of time in the back of a charity store furniture warehouse gawking at a pretty nice upright piano that needed some refurbishment. $60 :o

Someone complimented me on my playing even though I was just checking relative turning in case I knew someone who'd want a cheap piano. Tuned it a tiny bit too with the accessory box left next to it, cuz old pianos need some love.

Anyway, here are 3 rough pics of said piano. I hope someone finds it & restores it.

Hey, you, you're probably a billionaire! Look at your gold tech house!

Chuck me a few dollars a month and get some promo codes & other bonuses over Patreon, up until my poverty kills me:

Or Liberapay, the preferable but oft ignored crowdfunding site:

Hey, d'you like instrumental songs? There's 26 of them on 'Lozenges For The Soul: Instrumentals'!


Or if you sign up for $6+ on Patreon, you'll get a promo code for the entire compilation, plus tons more:

A few years ago I lived in a strange house. It was falling down, the electrical side of things failed often & were dangerous, and it had several gas leak concerns. The literal foundations of the place were ruined too, as I found out from a contractor before moving out.

But it was a house, and the rent was lower than a small apartment.

It also seemed to be haunted.

But it had these confusing window boxes on *every* window, which was a fire safety concern and also a joy for the wee boy.

I see this cat every day.

It judges me and what I have yet to achieve.

I need to spend a night prepping my next Netlabel Day single, but can't seem to find the motivation to listen to experimental horrifying frequencies over and over while trying to work out why the kick drum is giving me a migraine...

Still, I got the art for it done :)

This comes out on June the 29th. It'll be on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, and other sites/apps, and available a week early to all $6+ Patreon backers.

25 instrumental versions of songs from prior releases, for people who dislike my voice & fear my words. (That's the general population covered)

The only major key things I record that aren't full of misery lyrics seem to be covers people friends suggest.

For proof here's a major key Libertines - Don't Look Back Into The Sun, with a misery thump Transvision Vamp - Down On You b-side:

Go back us on:

Ey, this possum said they had a quest for you.

I just released Nails. It's creative commons! Tons of bass, very amplified! Garage rock, oldie pop & nods to krautrock!

Stream/download via:


Nails will be up on Spotify in a few weeks time.

CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE: CC-BY-ND [Attribution, No Derivatives]

My computer just fried itself and I've therefore lost the majority of my income in a spare second.

So if you want to geg in on me making music all while helping me rebuild the tech that actually allows me to (barely) pay rent & feed my cat:




Thanks. Shares appreciated, $s appreciated almost 5x more than that.

You can stream/download my new cover collection 'The Frivolous Mean EP' on Bandcamp and Patreon.

- Samples On SOUNDCLOUD:

1) He's Dead [Suede]
2) Disappear [Paradise Lost]
3) Spectators Of Suicide [Manic Street Preachers]
4) Never Here [Elastica]
5) Son Of Sam [Dead Boys]
6) Bulimic Beats [Catatonia]
7) Skin [Oingo Boingo]

An old picture of ol' extendo-cat I've probably shared before, but this is for the new people: