Hey, could you lot share this:

I'm looking for music reviewers, editors, and anyone who covers audio. But I am looking for people who *actually* review queer artists who actively avoid working for labels. Small blog/big site, no matter.

I have a punk power pop album coming out in 2019 so I need to compile contacts before I start on a promo landing page.

DM me, link me to yr site/profile/email, but ONLY if you *actually* cover queer people who refuse to work within shitty boundaries.

I don't care if you're an editor, a writer, someone who writes 2 sentence reviews of single songs featuring on an LP to an audience of 10. As long as you have an audience.

Hit me up, send me your page/profile if you're working with an editor on a site etc, and I'll have something to send to you in the first third of 2019, with all the usual expected promo things, along with explanations of songs, references, and whatever else should you require them to be able to write.

Thanks for all the re-toots though. It's much appreciated.

If 100 retoots gets me 1 legit DM from a writer of any kind that'd be grand. Sorta vaguely surprised 50+ RTs has yielded a sweet 0 so far, but I know how promo stuff exists to destroy your spirit and will.

@OsirisSaline Heya! I'd be super happy to write something about this! I have some bits up on

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