Do you have a favorite Wrestling video game? What are you looking for the most in one?

I'm a longtime AKI lover (WCW vs NWO, Wrestlemania 2000, No Mercy) who only fairly recently tried some of the Japanese titles like Virtual Pro Wrestling 2. Love all of that shit so much.

I've only got into Fire Pro via the recent edition, but the release process for PC has left me a little salty on it for a minute.

@DirtyJose not much different (and with a more limited roster than any AKI game on the N64 of course) but Day Of Reckoning 2 on the Gamecube is my most played wrestling game ever and uses a faster/upgraded style of the N64 games. The feel of the GC controller triggers makes the reversal system a bit amazing.

Also WWE All Stars is one of the best games ever in terms of how bugs/glitches can expand the depth of a game when yr friends are as good at it as you, as odd as that may sound. Cody is OP.

@DirtyJose I'm a permanent Fire Pro fan but I am very aware of how the difficulty curve means having to put 20 hours into learning before they work nowadays, so having limited time/knowing frustration while learning is a thing = I don't recommend it as much as others.

Giant Gram 2000 on the Dreamcast though! That's a very good game and worth emulating. Plays very well, is easy to pick up but fairly deep, and fulfills all the All Japan fantasy booking needs you have.

@OsirisSaline Thanks for the headsup on the Dreamcast title, the only wrestling title I had for that was Royal Rumble (which was AWFUL). I like what Fire Pro does in ring and I like the CAW system, I'm just sitting here waiting for game modes that should have been out by now.


@DirtyJose I liked the Royal Rumble in the arcade but it is a very limited title for consoles.

Yeah, I'd love to know the development style behind the new Fire Pro because I picked it up ages ago and love it, but wonder how overworked they are (which is almost a guarantee with PC & PS4 editions being out at the same time) /video game work life experience/ Looking forward to the GM mode when it appears a lot tho.

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