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I guess I should do one of those given the influx of new members!

I'm a composer & multi-instrumentalist musician focusing on surviving while remaining in poverty. Proudly and , with scars & severe medical debt to prove it.

I make shoegaze, dreampop, symphonic pop, EDM bleeps & bloops, horror punk, and petrifying ambience re: . I also make weird cover and posters. You can hire me to do some of those for you if you like. life is tough.

Plus I do a bit of work.

- My last album is full of guitars & swirls & dysphoria:

- My Patreon is full of dozens of recordings:

Finished mixing a late 60s/early 70s Halloween single. Featuring someone else playing the drums & singing lead.

So that's cool.

Now *glares at distribution* I think it'll just be on Bandcamp until I find a better group to release my stuff.

And if I can't then I'll sign up to Distrokid as soon as I have $20USD spare as an emergency fix.

It's nice when people can source your education/experience through your compositions & arrangements, while also recognizing that instruments, amps, and production do not define the genre, overarching style, or wants of said pieces a lot of the time.

You know someone cares deeply about you and know yr style and approach when they call your pieces Bach like, before begging you not to destroy yourself through frustrated playing past disability like Robert Schumann.

Good composery times.

Hello wrestling fans, you can watch Wrestle Queendom for free:

Go watch bad-ass women, some names internationally, some names in the UK & Europe, and some women you may be new to. Including yr faves Meiko Satomura, Kris Wolf, Jetta, Viper, Kay Lee Ray, many more, and AJA KONG.

Life lesson:

If people say you can't sing, and you wanna sing, sing anyway.

I did and managed to head bands in my teens/adulthood, then I got singing lessons and got comfortable with the mess that is my singing voice.

More varied voices and less typical accents = needed in music.

Increasingly happy that a few people like my singing these days, enough to pay me to sing melodies in otherwise typically shouty gang vocals anyway.


One of the rare positives of commission life is that sometimes you really wanna share an amazing piece...but then it turns to frustration as you realize you're contractually obliged to not share anything at all until the project you made the music for is released.

*bites down on knuckles*
People need more ludicrously powerful power pop mingled with shoegaze. But shoegaze with some great mixing y'know???

A fixed up & improved drums version of an earlier Manic Street Preachers - Life Becoming A Landslide cover. A simple solo-ey bit alongside acoustic guitar/bass/drums.

Vocals were recorded while playing instrument tracks etc so some out of key bits as I hadn't played this in about 5 years, but for an hour record & mix job I'm happy with it:

All I'll ever amount to is something like Andrew Eldritch performing the DK Crew rap.

R-COIL is my favourite game of the last year and a half so yes, go buy it if you have a love of space & ships & short bursts of play. It's fun and someone who deserves to be seen & paid will appreciate it!

If 10 more people buy my game on Steam it will go over the payment threshold and I'll actually get a check from Valve. Anyone?

#gamedev #gameing

For happier times there are always Cardiacs songs.

Anything I Can't Eat is a cliche choice, but it's also a great cliche choice for a Best Cardiacs Song:

The 2nd Sea Nymphs album regularly makes me cry my eyes out:

Everyone should love Tim Smith, and it's a pity so few people do. But the relative few that do? Wow, do we love him. A lot. He changed things.

Thanks, Tim.

Sheffield"s favourite son put out a little Halloween single and got people of various regional accents for gang vocals on the chorus:

I did the nice harmonies in said gang vocals you can hear on the left if you bother to listen with headphones.

@OsirisSaline for a second I thought that was my cat. It was the resting bitchface that did it

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