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In release news, I'm starting to put out all of my non-commissioned pieces from the last few years as Attribution-No Derivatives works.

I've tried to consolidate all the original songs, instrumental mixes, worthwhile demos, acoustic takes, live session stuff etc into every re-release to make them complete and worth archiving.

I'll add each weekly re-release as a reply to this thread to keep everything tidy.


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On Why I Don't Talk/Follow Everyone [Pinned Post] 

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Don't Give Me Unsolicited Advice About My Art [Pinned Toot]

I drew this daffodil-themed mandala (shaded and unshaded versions) to help collect donations for flood relief back home in the valley I'm from in South Wales. Printable PDF link above, and you can donate to and I'll send proceeds on to mum back home.

(If you're in Wales and run a business, you're very welcome to print this out and provide it with a tip jar or something and then send all the proceeds on to the flood relief efforts!)

this is so good and they only ever released two EPs in the mid '80s

Bárbara - A Beast In Your Head

Make my birthday, sign up to my Patreon for one month for a single dollar. Then quit the subscription after helping out some disabled queer who's constantly at their wits end!

If I make $10 it'll be the happiest most profitable day of my life in this year of our cat 2020.

Warning: Dexter's Lab on the Game Boy is a reskinned version of arcade classic Elevator Action.

That is all. Go play it if you get the chance.

Tried to pin up a poster of Bono on a message-board before.

It was impossible as he's big on tacks evasion.

General 2 factor authentication question:

If a piece of software only offers a back up authorization option of 'we'll send you a text to a different number if you lose your phone' is the 'grab a pay as you go sim card as a perma-burner number and shove it into an ancient mobile' still the best/easiest idea?

I'm familiar enough with this but wanted to make sure I'm not missing out on an easier/better solution in this year of our cat 2020.

Also, getting a bunch of the translated games working without an issue via Hakchi is great. Super Fire Pro X Premium is still one of the best wrestling games.

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Playing Super Mario World properly after years of ignoring it in favour of the (infinitely better) Yoshi's Island & (a little better) Super Mario Bros. 3 is weird.

Adding the spin jump to your repertoire feels so alien, but it's good.

Anyway, SNES Mini stuff is good, who knew?

Flaws are great, flaws contextualize a lot of things and most things people regard as flaws (me included) end up being part of a design choice to direct something or another.

Anyway, games are good, especially those that occupy the forgotten Rental Game space.

Chiki Chiki Boys [Megadrive], Jackie Chan Stuntmaster [PS1], Obscure [Xbox], those Saw[TM] games on the Xbox 360. You know the type. All the best games ever.

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Ghoul School on the NES is one of those games I shouldn't play as much as I do considering the flaws...but I like to pretend it's a prequel to the amazing first Obscure game, which is also something I shouldn't play as much as I do considering the flaws...

Not being able to log in as an artist to remove your own songs is crap n'all

Fuck the FMA

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Still feeling very sad about what happened to the Free Music Archive a year and a bit ago. Just checked in on it for the first time in a few months and it is still a mess.

What a wonderful place it was until money backers had to step in to keep it going, changing it, and making it literally unusable for most people, including musicians.

[Re-post to add to thread...]

2017. Years ago.

I released the fantastically melodic garage rock/shoegaze EP Costs Of Surviving Today on the very first day of that fateful year, and now it's back, with a license/hat!

- Bandcamp:
- Archive:
- Blog:

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Today is the day where I finally upload a few GB of data to Archive[dot]Org after it being difficult to do so for the past few weeks.

Wish me luck.

I need to get this song out to as many good places as possible tbh:

AEW pro-wrestling comments 

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AEW pro-wrestling comments 

I was looking up a guide for Nosferatu on the SNES earlier on (mainly to figure out how to do a certain kick I swear I knew how to do as a kid...) and was amused that Derek Yu, the person behind Spelunky, wrote the only comprehensive guide available:

Anyway, it's a good if slightly pain-in-the-ass game. Recommended if you love Prince Of Persia, Flashback, and sighing to yourself as you die again and again.

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