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I guess I should do one of those given the influx of new members!

I'm a composer & multi-instrumentalist musician focusing on surviving while remaining in poverty. Proudly and , with scars & severe medical debt to prove it.

I make shoegaze, dreampop, symphonic pop, EDM bleeps & bloops, horror punk, and petrifying ambience re: . I also make weird cover and posters. You can hire me to do some of those for you if you like. life is tough.

Plus I do a bit of work.

- My last album is full of guitars & swirls & dysphoria:

- My Patreon is full of dozens of recordings:

A few years ago I lived in a strange house. It was falling down, the electrical side of things failed often & were dangerous, and it had several gas leak concerns. The literal foundations of the place were ruined too, as I found out from a contractor before moving out.

But it was a house, and the rent was lower than a small apartment.

It also seemed to be haunted.

But it had these confusing window boxes on *every* window, which was a fire safety concern and also a joy for the wee boy.

possible cover.

I'm thinking about using something more colorful, but I'm really not sure.

Might be a case of wanting to use the "prettiest" photo instead of the most appropriate.

the logo design is a reference to a movie with a similar name

Oh wait, I did an Elastica - Never Here cover a while back:

Coulda done better but that's the risk of one takes I guess.

*sees Elastica on the timeline*

*awaits all the Suede love that is sure to follow. Maybe. Probably not*

Maybe I should cover Blue...

Ended up intalling R-COIL on Steam because I wanted to see how bad I was at the game.

I am happy to say I'm better at the game than I expected to be after a little bit of practice.

Still can't get past level 13 on Death Ray Manta tho. May try SYNSO on the 360 again at some stage to see if I'm still any good...

Sh'mups & all related games are the best.

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Medical humour, diabetes, needles Show more

I see this cat every day.

It judges me and what I have yet to achieve.

I've just finished a buncha synths for a collaborative art project and they sound so good against the amped up other bits...

I need to hold off talking about it until August, because otherwise my collaborator may ban me from typing/speaking.

Still, 2 more releases will be out before that single, so lots to focus on I guess.

@noelle @OsirisSaline @Curator

Quick bump* It's now part of the summer sale, so... if you like paying $2 better than $5.... you know.

Hey, board game fans and general disability aware folk, do you use/see Meeple Like Us?

If you have a few $s spare, please consider pledging to their Patreon. They speak formally & not so intensely about how board games can improve re: ableism/accessibility. After years of effort they still lack support in the industry, which is shocking but unsurprising considering the state of board games tbh.

PS: Do not @ me please :)

I've been playing R-COIL when I've been full of nervous anxious energy and it's a lovely bundle of space bullets. Stressful, difficult, lovely.

You can grab it on Steam too, but Itch is better for the mind/body/soul.

I've been prepping a demos/old mixes compilation for the end of the year, and it's weird how much you lose if you forget to back up files

There's tons of stuff dated from 2012 - 2018, but very few bits from beforehand

Some of that is immature scorched earth 'forget old band/s' stuff, but a load was me forgetting to back-up my ancient laptop hard drive...I lost about 20 live radio sessions worth of music too :( they were always cool to laugh at

I should probably back-up my new files this week

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PS: This isn't an ask unless you are a good live recording drummer who is reliable, and who works in the realms of absurd poverty and doesn't ask for $4000 to record at a studio etc etc etc etc.

I"ve got a 10 track sorta prog punk meets goth rock album planned for the end of the year/start of 2019 and I really need to find a proper recording drummer for it.

I've got me, a beyond grand keys player, and a proven better-than-anyone-else bass collaborator on the go but damn, finding good live drummers w/ some ability to record properly in their own space = as difficult as it has ever been.

I know why, but damn. Don't wanna have to MIDI drum this stuff y'know?

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@eryn was beaten up by cops this week for no good reason. They've been kind to me in times of stress, so if you could give a few dollars to them, I'd appreciate it.

Here's a run down of what happened:

The downside to getting all 4 of your next releases sorted out is that you wanna share them and not wait until the end of the month, then July, then August, then September to share them around.