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On Why I Don't Talk/Follow Everyone [Pinned Post] 

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Don't Give Me Unsolicited Advice About My Art [Pinned Toot] 

Anyway, Baten Kaitos is getting by on the combo card system and how nicely it's held up outside of the dialogue/story/characters.

If people told me a lot of post-2000 RPGs were deck building card games tied to bad dubs I'd have played a lot more RPGs.

Spoiler in similar Cardiacs inspired artist ballparks: Willie Dowling and projects he was involved in were always more fun than Ginger Wildhearts stuff for me tho.

Here's a Honeycrack - I Hate Myself & Everybody Else power-pop cover to prove it:

Influences are fun when you look back at some stuff.

I used to love Ginger Wildheart's eventually failed solo singles project (which became his A Break In The Weather compilation album) and doing a pretty pop guitar single collab seemed perfect with someone I knew so tried to do something which might have fit that project idea in another dimension

Wii U collection, general positive post 

Great Budget Horror Games From The Mid-2000s 

Finally played Byte Driver in it's finished form and it's great fun. I want to go back and play R-COIL at some point...

Iron Fisticle is good, but I just played Iron Crypticle again and it's even more good.

Wiz 'n' Liz can be used to explain a lot of things about capitalism and the English language.

Mainly that getting all the things is not something you should aim for if you want to have a good time a few years into your life. And that you shouldn't be taking letters from animals for a game of solo Countdown.

Leave the rabbits alone, Wiz/Liz.

Someone told me this sounded like a much upgraded version of a Donkey Kong Country cart level's music, so join Donkey Kong and let's get jumping along frustrating tracks!

Free, , and worth a listen for the synth compositions.

Last night we walked right by a hedgehog. It was about 6 inches from my feet so I figured we weren't going to disturb it more than it already was by getting a picture or two.

It is adorable.


I don't think I shared the Rowland S Howard cover I put out 10 days ago, so for people who know how much better his material was than everyone else's in The Birthday Party...


Hey, you love Sheffield, right?

Well, that or dual bass rock with synths and a dedication to choruses and hooks?

My good collab pal and general wonderful person Pais put out a new album with his band and it's great!

Check out Liability Friend from it. The mix/master job on it is ace:

A day later, and the same possum is back again in their day time den

Cute picture of a ringtail possum. CW for a snake mention, mention of harm to animals. 

The best thing about having tech issues which are stopping me from being online much at all the last week (yay, the need for a new PSU for a tower to master things, and a new audio interface/recording laptop, and parts to fix my clumsily dropped phone which works but is a bit of a mess) is that I have been locking myself away for 16 hours a day toying around with everything, and getting back to playing bass "properly" like the old days.

The joys of playing music!!!

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