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I guess I should do one of those given the influx of new members!

I'm a composer & multi-instrumentalist musician focusing on surviving while remaining in poverty. Proudly and , with scars & severe medical debt to prove it.

I make shoegaze, dreampop, symphonic pop, EDM bleeps & bloops, horror punk, and petrifying ambience re: . I also make weird cover and posters. You can hire me to do some of those for you if you like. life is tough.

Plus I do a bit of work.

- My last album is full of guitars & swirls & dysphoria:

- My Patreon is full of dozens of recordings:

Ey, this possum said they had a quest for you.

Hey you, help me buy prescription drugs for my ongoing survival so I can remain alive, and so I can release 2/3 collab singles & several other longer releases over the next few months.


I'm still the only person in the world who remembers how to play King Adora songs, including the band members, and this has helped when I wanna play acoustic versions of songs no one's heard of -

I mean, I could have linked to a better Stone Temple Pilots cover but ehhh, that'd be the easy road. Oh. Go on then:

been working to make my web page as accessible as possible, I think I only have a few things to fix.

WAVE is telling me my font is too low contrast but that contrast checker I boosted says it's good, and I can't really make it any brighter without losing the little color I have.

I should move the random text thing to the bottom of the page.

And I should probably add heading tags.

Next single is coming along nicely, trans collab fun with some dark past studying lyrics.

Semi related and much less riffy than that song, but this old Elliott Smith cover is pretty ace:

I'm also working out a formatting for future Patreon & other exclusive tracks next year, all while writing a few new songs & busking.

*drifts back into the ether*

Doing a podcast episode that’s just a big ol playlist of independent music.

If you make music, and especially if I know you, and you want to be included, let me know.

I’m trying to keep each episode around 20 minutes, and if I get enough submissions I’ll make this a regular feature.

Cardiacs - Anything I Can't Eat is still probably the best song ever recorded:

Thanks to Tim Smith for his continued existence, y'know?

Same for creative commons in all honesty, for me at least.

All my CC stuff had licensing issues (ie: old band members only agree for a release if it's entirely free & fully credited to their rules, and I try to be nice to people I used to perfom with fwiw), or creative commons labels like Vulpiano Records asked me to work with them for Netlabel Day, or simply put I rediscovered years old well produced oddities in an old external HD that wouldn't fit with my quality of output these days.

My favourite part of being a poverty artist is that people sometimes ask me how much money I make for working with other artists I know.

'Uhm, we trade around the same few hundred bucks every few months it feels like? We all pay each other or make it up in other ways later on, but we work with each other as we enjoy the creativity & different approaches. Plus there's no worries about abuse the way there is with people with more money.'

We make it together or we don't I guess? Maybe?

And for more gain & punk & entities beneath your feet & accidental nods to Crispin Glover's solo album, there's always The Tortoise & The Hair

Salvador Darling is a great track and worth 4 minutes of your listening time on Bandcamp:

Or on Spotify. Go stream and enjoy yourselves etc.

It'll be in a very proper indie Canadian film this year, and has been celebrated by over a dozen people. Probably. It's hard to tell, cuzmy life's a haze most of the time.

I set up an @itchio page for #Pescatoria :D

I can now post devlogs all proper-like and people can discuss and stuff. Weee!


Oh right! My new album "Cuter Now" is still new!

I should maybe get in the habit of not just releasing an album, toot about it twice and then forget about it :)

the musick is pretty chill except maybe for the last track which is one of my only songs to ever get a comment on yt: "what is this shit?" (it's industrial).

it's $1 or more and all profits are donated to charity.

you can also get my whole discography for 90% off

Right, starting work on compositions for the future of video games...

Go like the Facebook page for Pescatoria if you're on FB:

You'd best follow @WelshPixie too, cuz if you don't then you're missing out on a smorgasbord of arty things which are the driving force behind it all :)

Oftentimes I wonder if creators who ask musicians/composers for a new song know it'd be cheaper to ask to use one of the musician's existing songs?

It's cheaper for everyone if you love an existing piece of work and pay for its use rather than asking for us to record/produce/master a new song.

Like, hundreds of dollars difference in price. Sometimes thousands depending on how intricate a piece you want, y'know?

I recently wrote a post about moving from "exclusives" on Patreon to no exclusives as I move forward in 2018/2019:

So, the short and long of it is "I have medical debt & my rent keeps increasing & I am dying on my arse". Have $1/$3/$10/$9000 spare and support trans queer musos who regularly make audio & work against boring trends?