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"Zoom 4" - Tall rect. Stylized potted plant, against textured yellow background w/flower-leaf pattern in lighter, tint. Plant is steel w/big red-centered, 5-sided pinwheel shape, set on tapered stem w/2 wider ellipses up top. 2 smaller pinwheel copies halfway down form leaves. Planter is 2 size-graduated, blue-rimmed ellipses of vanilla pudding. "Floor" is 3 alternating segments of green (L, R.) and red (center). Text is 4 black "Z"s (L.) and 3 green "M"s (R.)

I am older now because we measure our age on some sort of planetary cycle.

Here's a song about places and things with a nice riff & tons of varied bass -

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kia ora koutou! a friend of mine just published a summary of a big body of research she's done on queer, trans, and intersex experiences of accessing mental health support in aotearoa new zealand - you can read it here!

Happy cat day! We adopted our babes two years ago and also I can't believe it's only been two years! #cats

Hey, you smart folks, is there a service that will print a letter in Braille and mail it on your behalf to your intended recipient? #lazyverse

In other animal news here's a possum interested in a delivery of grapes.

accessibility DOES benefit everyone, both those who are disabled and for those whom the extra options are nice, but i think we need to be careful about decentering disabled people or assigning value to accessibility for what it can do for non-disabled people? disability is a community that continues to be devalued and it's important that something gets to be important because it helps equalize the playing field for folks who are systematically disenfranchised

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Flashback to the time I wanted to make some horror score pieces after playing the first half of the Timesplitters 2 campaign for the 500th time some years ago:

Fun fact, the surf rock classic Cecilia Ann by The Surftones is based on Gabriel Fauré's Sicilienne, the piano & cello composition.

A family of ducks held a victory in a race against my non-duck legs.

There's no shame in losing, particularly to ducks.

fundraising for queer self-defense in brazil Show more

Still big on major key pop Halloween songs, considering 90% of my other work tends to be more miserable than miserable tones anyway.

Just remembered the time I took influence from the REmake soundtrack when applying some strings to this song:

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