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REVIEW: The 7th Guest 25th Anniversary Edition, sadly, is a clunkier version of the original. Beyond the extras, I can't really recommend it.

Currently replaying Castlevania: Circle Of The Moon for the 12th time and loving it as much as I did back in the early 2000s.

Probably my favourite Castlevania tbh. Bloodlines/Super Castlevania IV are the second tier of greats. Then the other GBA & DS & all other Symphony-likes.

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NOTE: This wasn't an official tourist board idea, that part is the joke, but it's actually better than most ideas Australia has tbh

Australian state tourist board ideas and their famous cancelled ideas #4520928: "CU in the NT" Show more

Did I share with you all my new synthwave album? I probably did. I'm annoying like that. I'm also very forgetful. One of my best qualities. 😅


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Reflecting on older songs n'stuff, partially grim, good second song tho Show more

Reflecting on older songs n'stuff, partially grim, good song tho Show more

Listening to a combination of Living Colour - Stain / Mondo Cane - Self Titled today has given me life.

I don't tend to share big/"made it" bands regularly, but Nothingness is such an amazing song -

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it's my little Miso girl's 7th birthday!

here's pictures from the day closest to her birthday from (close to) 0 to now.

surprisingly few photos from her actual April 15 birthdays.

2012, 2013, 2014, 1015

#MastoDogs #Dogs #KnytteMiso

Playing the Megadrive Shadowrun game for the 20th time recently did remind me of the pretty grand Kim Justice video on it:

And now I'm remembering how much Shadowrun Dragonfall basically ate into my heart and soul. What a wonderful experience that entire game was.

Cuz I have a lot of fatigue issues and IRL stress, I've just started a comment-free/rambles with links joy blog!

It'll basically be where I post up what I've been playing recently in board/video game realms, and be as badly written as most of my posts on Masto.

But if anyone wants to know what I have enjoyed recently, without the moans I usually attach to everything: typingherenotonsocialnetworks.

Black holes that pull your trolley into them in the middle of supermarkets. Pfft, soz rock! Didn't notice you taking everything in.

They have no respect for space tbh...or maybe too much respect for space. I dunno these days.

Pfft, "supermassive"? Where I'm from you call them proper hench black holes.

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