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Happy Halloween, especially to the wolves! On Pedestrian Wolves is a prunk narrative performance EP made by two trans queers living on the edge of despair. Come howl along with us!

- Bandcamp:
- Soundcloud:
- Youtube:

Patreon backers at $3+ can also grab it at no additional cost:

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Don't Give Me Unsolicited Advice About My Art [Pinned Toot] 

As an artist confident in their abilities please don't give me advice about what I do unless I ask for it. I appreciate the listens & you having thoughts, but I don't need to hear 'em.

I've been doing what I do to my own standards & the standards of those who pay me for years, so keep any unsolicited advice out of my mentions. I know what I'm doing. If I don't, I research & learn from those in the know.

Thanks! [Pinned]

Hey, I'm here, so I have to post a general status that says you're gwych.


Feel like I should do a link share, cuz everything bar 1 release on here is , most songs have my weird singing on, but also have instrumental versions. There's a general punk/power-pop/goth garage rock focus, with production decisions to enhance that.

So if you need some guitar and live recorded creative commons bits, or just want some free music with odd lyrics, go here:

CW: music, but mention of eating to warm up/help/relax vocal chords 

Playing organ and acoustic guitar versions of Tears For Fears songs because it's too warm to think of playing anything complex.

And any excuse to eat a bag of crisps/chips 10 minutes before to relax and oil up my throat, which is a fun trick which probably doesn't have any scientific backing, but does make me feel better when singing in my weird ways.

Don't get me wrong, I believe most pieces should stand alone and not require a study to compregend, but you see people misread things as well studied as Citizen Kane as if Welles agreed with the beliefs of Hearst. Which impossible misunderstanding. Why? Because of a lack of framing in relevant contexts, losing the ability to understand. It's basic ignorance, and everyone begins ignorant.

PS: people often misunderstand Barthes Death Of The Author and it's very obvious, innit?

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Furthermore, there is harm in misreading art to fit your personal wants. Media literacy is ever evolving and ever important.

EG: Just because a character says something bad, does not mean the writer means it, nor does an initial framing of statements mean you're meant to believe them.

An understand of cultural context and the aims of the authors of pieces is very important to work out *what a piece is*, and again, this is regardless of if you like/dislike/hate someone making something.

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General reminder that a person's talents are not proof of them being a good or bad person

Neither does your opinion of them as people (or what you think celebs are as people /public relations & marketing means you're liable to be very wrong about most) render a talent null

You can like stuff made by crap people, you can dislike it too, but if you're aiming to solely like stuff by 100% Bulletproof Nice People then you're in for 100 shocks a day, and may be going down the Hays code path

Heyo! Just popped in to let you all know I've got a new game out and it's free. Hope you'll check it out and that you like it!

Harmonies and folktales are good:

I don't have much to offer peaceful sites but those are things, I guess?

Just remembered how much fun I had playing Talisman 4th Edition years back.

While there are hundreds and thousands of better games, I love my Euros and deep thinky things...but I want to get lost in that game and it's expansions again...

Sometimes dice rolls for movement are still fun, y'know? And I think it's the only high fantasy thing I've ever seen which doesn't bore me to tears, which is very impressive.

Just discovered that there was a Thunderbirds sh'mup that was -with 10 minutes of research so very possibly wrong- solely released in Japan?

There's something about seeing the Thunderbirds shooting at everything that feels distinctly wrong and upsetting.

May force myself to do another bunch of emails to people/teams/companies who hired me on as a composer, paid me fully, and had me finish a final mix and master for projects which look like they aren't coming out any more.

I would love to share around some specific soundtrack work but it's hard when video game work is often tied to NDAs, or lost with people/teams being buried by the amount of time/effort/money/skill/stress it takes to put out a finished game.

It's Bandcamp No-Fee Friday again, so if you want a bunch of creative commons music you can get dozens of releases for $4AUD:

Or if you want a Halloween EP which has very few listeners but is very good, then that's $5AUD:

Is anyone who I've chatted to on here playing Phasmophobia?

I'm really enjoying it in solo play, but would love to play with people not liable to be complete arseholes online.

Only downside is I'm in Australia so I may lag a bit, but yeah. Let me know if you need another player who's not completely useless at it!

Who needs to play a new version of Amnesia when you can open a status with a joke subject and turn it into a well of despair?

Still, Alfred Chicken is a fine game. You should try it some time if you need a simple platformer from the past.

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Sometimes you link a bit of personal hopelessness back to that Alfred Chicken parliamentary candidate attempt in the early 90s. And parliament in general!

You can't grow up in a society like that and be surprised by irony and cruelty poisoning everything, can you?


The worst thing about my latest EP is that it had a work in progress gag title.

The Blaidd Trilogy.

It works on one level and one level only, and that's for people who know zero Welsh who also remember a DVD box-set of the Blade films. If you know how to pronounce blaidd then it completely falls apart.

Anyway, I like to wear my shame on my sleeve (next to the heart and spare parts).

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When I pass from this mortal coil I'll work out a way to get this played across certain frequencies with whatever energy I have left:

(It's free & btw)

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