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Don't Give Me Unsolicited Advice About My Art [Pinned Toot] 

As an artist confident in their abilities please don't give me advice about what I do unless I ask for it. I appreciate the listens & you having thoughts, but I don't need to hear 'em.

I've been doing what I do to my own standards & the standards of those who pay me for years, so keep any unsolicited advice out of my mentions. I know what I'm doing. If I don't, I research & learn from those in the know.

Thanks! [Pinned]

Hearing stuff you made that is the opposite in intention to what you're currently making is very helpful, though.

Anyway, this old Manic Street Preachers cover is very cute:

Making things and planning schedules for said things is hard but necessary.

Just remembered the shop name war that Home and Bargain won over Home Bargains sometime in the 90s.

Anyone who denies this is not to be trusted.

Nerve damage mention, keyboards and typing question! 

Does anyone else (with nerve damage or without) have that thing where your hands lock up a lot after a days worth of formal (work or hobby) typing?

Like, even with ergonomic tools and proper stretches, missing out random letters is always an odd but consistent thing for me these days. On top of my already odd typing/grammar funks.

Maybe it's just the nerve damage and decreasing care for correct anything?

That awkward computer repair moment where you realise you don't know if it's a stick of RAM or damage to the RAM slot that is causing your old but oft repaired computer tower to randomly turn off...

Well, I need 24GB of memory for a music project, anyway, so I will find out in 2022!

Please be okay, old motherboard!

It's fun to compare demos to finished pieces, especially if there's years between the former and latter.

Here's the glam final piece, instrumental so you can hear the music rather than my wailing:

And here's a lovely utterly incomplete demo:

If the Manic Street Preachers song Die In The Summertime didn't have the issue with erm, all of the lyrics, it would have been a great busking song:

Mario Golf on the Switch is a very Mario Golf golf game, isn't it?

Probably the best of them all things considered, but perhaps the improvements in approachability (not necessarily accessibility) like the 'auto-putt' when very close to a hole, and the lack of traditional golf game two-tap accuracy/power can remove the frustration-tension which sometimes made the earlier games so fantastic, particularly the Gamecube one.

It's a brilliant bundle of joy in multiplayer, as per Mario Golf law.

I often think about The Kelly Family. No, not the Ned Kelly family, but these lot, mainly for this video.

CW: Not for those adverse to hearing a child yell singing about urine.

Music life is waiting for 2 packages to be delivered, and therefore being unable to play anything in soundproof room.

At points, it's like life is trying to make you procrastinate.

Me: Doesn't use social media for weeks

Also Me: Can't vent in a mildly irrational way about life so has to log in and write a private post so I'm not a misery guts for the next 2 hours.

The fun of online accounts!

A brief list of negatives on Grindstone, a pretty great Pop Cap style game! 

I do love this type of simple puzzle game, and will still replay the original Plants vs Zombies once every year and a half, but I'd really recommend you give Grindstone a go if you have a subscription to Apple Arcade (boo/hiss) or have access to it on the Switch or PC through the Epic Games Store (boo/hiss) then give it a go, it's pretty relaxing and very enjoyable.

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A brief list of negatives on Grindstone, a pretty great Pop Cap style game! 

Outside of the colourblindness assistance not being particularly great (the enemies are double coded, but I would suggest a shade or crosshatching or different form to make them more distinct from one another), the main character hampering what you can see (I'd suggest a change to the opacity of the model when selecting your moves), and the slightly poor design choices (changing equipment is a hassle), it is ace.

Future release ramble 

I am still working on what started as an album, turned into 3 EPs, and is becoming a full album again.

I expect this not to be finished for 2 more years. Trying to not rush or stress myself out, and the realities of waiting for collaborators to have time/space/willingness means short turnarounds aren't always a thing!

Still, 16 songs all have their foundations, structure, and lead melodies done, and there's only like 1000 more tracks to go!

I have 2 years.

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