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Sail [Composing Sounds]

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I guess I should do one of those given the influx of new members!

I'm a composer & multi-instrumentalist musician focusing on surviving while remaining in poverty. Proudly and , with scars & severe medical debt to prove it.

I make shoegaze, dreampop, symphonic pop, EDM bleeps & bloops, horror punk, and petrifying ambience re: . I also make weird cover and posters. You can hire me to do some of those for you if you like. life is tough.

Plus I do a bit of work.

- My last album is full of guitars & swirls & dysphoria:

- My Patreon is full of dozens of recordings:

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If you sign up to my Patreon you can get:
- 2 - 4 Patreon exclusive bonus songs a month
- Early access to my bi-monthly Bandcamp/iTunes/Spotify releases
- A release schedule

...and more! All money goes towards keeping me alive as a poverty riddled trans artist. This is a major part of my income and not a passive tip bucket. You get a lot of material for your patronage.

And if you're into bonus tiers, I can write you a song, or make a weird cover for you. Or I can send you a bundle of weird art. For one future Patreon I'm willing to make a soundtrack for way under my usual commissioned rates n'all, so check the tiers.

my musick isn't free anymore but you can buy my whole discography for $1.
(Click on any release and you'll see that option there.)

That's over 28 hours of Prime Digital Media Entertainment Online!

There is industrial vocaloid, gothic vocaloid, neo-folk vocaloid, dark vocaloid etc. just none of the vocaloid content people actually listen to.

Also some non-vocaloid (c356b and Archives) but whatever.

I just released Nails. It's creative commons! Tons of bass, very amplified! Garage rock, oldie pop & nods to krautrock!

Stream/download via:


Nails will be up on Spotify in a few weeks time.

CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE: CC-BY-ND [Attribution, No Derivatives]

I just released Nails. It's creative commons! Tons of bass, very amplified! Garage rock, oldie pop & nods to krautrock!

Stream/download via:


Nails will be up on Spotify in a few weeks time.

CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE: CC-BY-ND [Attribution, No Derivatives]

Always remember:

If people aren't asking for advice, don't give it.

It people aren't asking for criticism, don't give it.

I did the thing where you accidentally drag 2/3 tracks out of time and don't realize until a day later.

So the final song I need to finish for this month has been an exercise in "I've moved every single track 1/10 of a second left/right by varying amounts, and everything is ruined and will never be right ever again!"

It's not ruined at all but my capability to hear correct time & beats being in rhythm is now at nil. *turns off software for today*

Hey! I need every dollar possible so anyone on mastodon, selling masks 30 bucks each, usually priced around $85. I need to sell QUICK. If anyone wants one please email me at

I will NOT be selling anymore of these after April 1st or any masks for a whole year due to upcoming changes in my life.

@noelle @OsirisSaline oh and I always keep several pairs of earplugs in my purse now - because sometimes I’ll see little kids at concerts who are plugging their ears and uncomfortable and I want them to be able to enjoy the music! Their parents are always grateful although I wonder why they didn’t think to get earplugs for their offspring to begin with.

Considering I focus on reverb and drowning amounts of gain on tons of my songs, and coming from a horrorpunk/EDM goth/glamrock scene, I find it sorta amusing that so many folk are liking/sharing/collabing info after my earplug post.

It's great tho, and lovely, cuz gain is terrifying when your adrenaline drops out and you're just hearing weirdly painful frequencies buzzing while taking a shower/lying in bed y'know?

@OsirisSaline i've never played, but at 37 a lifetime of power tools, loud shows, and loud work environments means my hearing is garbage and my ears ring constantly.

this is good advice.

while i'm at it, i'm kinda starting to think it'd be better if we could get over this whole "if it's too loud you're too old" trip. i enjoy a crushing wave of bone-shaking sound as much as the next person, but what if maybe (maybe!) we started thinking of doing physical violence to audiences as kind of bad?

Hey, kids/young adults who love standing in front of their amps & PA systems during performances:

PLEASE pay attention to the killjoys who tell you to get decent hardwearing earplugs / disposable classic foam plugs while playing.

Because living with tinnitus will start to ruin your life in a big way, and if tinnitus gets beyond tinnitus...well...yeah it's awful.

At the end of the day, you don't wanna be like me with 30% hearing in their left ear in my mid-20s just cuz teen me was ignorant af.

Creative Process & Audio: Don't Trust Yesterday You!

This doesn't sound PERFECT and it's clearly worthless. I need to mix it properly and then see how it fits in with the other mastered songs because it'll be all uneven :( It's as bad as the last mix :( I'll work on it tomorrow :( I suck!

This is absolutely grand and what I was aiming for! Dunno what Yesterday Me was on about tbh.

The joy of my audio mastering involves this listening process:

1 - GOOD headphones, with low end bass covered & no muddiness. If it fits what I want then-

2 - TERRIBLE on ear headphones with just the mid-range covered (depending on the EQ/compression). Still good? Cool, now let's try-

3 - OKAY??? $3 earphones that muddy everything a bit but fit what most of my listeners will be hearing through, cuz we're all poor. And finally-

4 - Terrible laptop speakers. Still good? WOW. Upload 'em

My computer just fried itself and I've therefore lost the majority of my income in a spare second.

So if you want to geg in on me making music all while helping me rebuild the tech that actually allows me to (barely) pay rent & feed my cat:




Thanks. Shares appreciated, $s appreciated almost 5x more than that.

And something a lot more piano-ified and composery cuz balancing noise with fairly simple nuance is a thing I aim to do every day:

Original song is on my last album:


An instrumental throwback to 80s shoegaze 'n' post-punk 'n' goth because I'm still a teenager, apparently:

Original song is on my last album:

Support yr trans muso wreckage on Patreon or else the fear of a veiled god will consume you:

Here's an instrumental mix of a song where I jovially rip the piss out of NIN a bit in the opening.

Then it's all Babes In Toyland x Jesus Lizard x Me:

The original song is on this album:

And I make dozens of things a year, help over on Patreon:

Hey, have a free wee listen to a song inspired by Scott Walker, Tribe, and various depressing trans life realities:

You can hear the w/ vocals version as the first track on this album:

You can stream/download my new cover collection 'The Frivolous Mean EP' on Bandcamp and Patreon.

- Samples On SOUNDCLOUD:

1) He's Dead [Suede]
2) Disappear [Paradise Lost]
3) Spectators Of Suicide [Manic Street Preachers]
4) Never Here [Elastica]
5) Son Of Sam [Dead Boys]
6) Bulimic Beats [Catatonia]
7) Skin [Oingo Boingo]

Music life:

Realizing you just broke your sustain pedal and hoping to find a way around this in production.