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Heya! My name is Taiga, and I'm new here. Its a pleasure to meet you all! ^^

I draw mostly furry art, sometimes I draw pokemon or fan art in general from different things. Hope we can get along and see everyone's beautiful art! :)

A pet portrait commission for Silver, over on Twitter.

Finally, after a long break,Im getting on track again.

Experimental badge that I made a while ago. It's actually not that bad so i thought i could share it ^^


Made a badge for Ray ( Ray is my second main sona, he's a wolfcroc).
I bought a laminator and this is my first time testing it out ^^
This was super fun, hope to improve with the next ones!

Gift for a good friend of mine @ToxictheMutt

It was my first time trying cel shading one of my drawings, kinda happy how it turned out :)

Why I much prefer Mastodon as a medium to share art 

I made this drawing around February I think, gift for an artist that I admire (@_foxchow on Twitter)

I made this drawing precisely a year ago for my good friend @arkunite (Twitter)

Even if it's kinda old now i still really like how it turned out ^^

Gonna do an πŸƒ

Hello!! I'm Blade and I like to develop ocs. I'm currently learning to be a game dev, and I do a lot of concept art for my own characters! I also do a ton of fanart because I have no self control. I'm a writer as well, but I doubt I'll post any of that here.

Please feel free to dm me! I don't bite :heart_sp_les3:

for of his character Matsuo Sora! This serves as his design!

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