Seeing how others drew or painted my red haired woman with the horned mask, I couldn't wait longer to do a redraw myself. The original drawing was from August 2018.

Happy self isolating birthday... to me!

I used my main webcomic character Morti for this :D

Suggestive painting of catgirl playing with what looks like a sextoy - No real nudity though! 

Griffin vultures are majestic balls of floof.
I love vultures: they are really smart and quite elegant.

Two new By Man & Angels pages on my patreon because I love you and now I must go lie down to stew in my own Virus Anxiety.

Ink card patreon reward for Zider! They requested their character in 'normal' clothes. So here he is, chillin' on the stoop.

You can get an ink card just like this by becoming a VOYAGER on my Patreon!

cant believe it's been a little over a year since i drew these doodles??
i want this energy back

just finished a new ref of my boy!! + ill post some other draws of him in reply !

he's a thrill seeker of an adventurer and he's obsessed with fighting! i've developed a lot of his story lately so i hope to draw more surrounding that h e h

here's his profile altho i removed his story since it's changed a bit:

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