Pokemon Sword and Shield release this week, and while I do not own a Switch, the hype is real! This is a good time to finish this 2 year journey of drawing each starter pokemon (with markers of course)

J'ai fait des cartes de visite infâmes :B

J'ai pris des vieux tampons qui vont pas ensemble 😃

#mastoart #stamp

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You'll get access to wips, wallpapers, prints and more! Thanks <3

I thought I had posted this here but it looks like I haven't. A collection of Boss Sprite Style pixel art commissions done.

Tomorrow's the anniversary of my shop, and I wanted to do a little something. So I'm offering 20% off of everything, just use the code REVERIE 🌟 anaisfae.art/shop

And here are cute foxes, because why not

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