Trusty Tahr 🐐 🌿 (inspired by Ubuntu release 14.04 LTS) traveled through a lot of mountains to attend #ubuntu's 15th birthday 🎂 and is looking forward to meet its new friend Eoan Ermine for the first time. #art #illustration #mastoart

Watched a short series on youtube called Kin Fables and got v inspired by the visuals. :O This is entirely out of my comfort zone, I attempted to do a paint just listening to the music.

I always forget to upload pics of this oil painting, I made it a few months back and never took pictures of it until now


Black ink, grey Copics, and charcoal on 220gm A4 paper.

$100 USD for the signed original, or $10 for a high res digital scan that you can print and frame yourself.

This is all I got rn I'm too tired for Full Arts..... It my game character

Drawn blood and violence (WIP shots of next Skal comic page) 

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