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Doing another live on Twitch!


Result of the stream:

A new animated 'Starting Soon' scene
And a new scene transition 🖐

(And previously, before the stream, I've animated my avatar to move the hand and eyes)

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Smoking 🚬🌿 

Drawing I've made back in April for Burgus~ 🚬🌿🐐

Looks like it's ! 🎉
You can read mine at the link below, on Tapas, Webtoon, and my website~
(Tem em português também!)


This didn't actually happen, but my tablet heats a lot, especially here in Brazil's summer. So I think one day it may burn itself to ashes.


I'm opening some commission slots!

You can see more info and a gallery of examples here:

If interested, you can fill out the form or just message me here!

Thank you! 💚

Painted version of a previous drawing~ 🐉🖌

Finally a painting I've liked how it turned out

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