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@Curator Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it! Mastodon mascot is so cute I had to draw it :mastodance:

Oh wow! I'd be very happy!

I can provide a link with the original file to you (or anyone) to use when you feel like it, no credit needed.

Here: drive.google.com/open?id=1T_q1

@LongTaleAnimation Thank you!
If @Curator wants to use in the site someday I see no problem

Hi! My name is Michel, I make illustrations and animations, and I love creating narratives with my art

Felt like doing a drawing of the Mastodon mascot to welcome all the new users!

All slots taken. Thanks everyone for the boosts!

I'll be taking only 3 SLOTS for now!
If you're interested you can request it here: joaomausson.com/p/commissions.

Boosts are appreciated! 💚

I almost forgot!!
I'm back doing some comics on Tapas!
There are two new comics, check it out~ tapas.io/episode/1440940

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