@ORO8ORO in Poland, you can buy a nice chocolate for like, 0,5 euro? :3 and it's tasty :3


@szymonbrycki They are lucky xD
Here in Brazil I keep looking at the food ingredients, and most of the candy are just pure sugar and vegetable oil, and the few ones that aren't are more expensive

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@ORO8ORO you aren't very rich in Brazil, right? :( Maybe that's the reason? Or just culture/local tastes?

@ORO8ORO i have also heard that in Germany there is better chocolate, but slightly more expensive, and Poles quite often feel discriminated cause we are in the EU, but we got second-class chocolate. The same goes for washing powders, dish-washing liquids etc.

@ORO8ORO dunno if it is true, though. But it was a big political topic a while back.

@szymonbrycki I've read somewhere that Brazil had a good amount of cocoa production, but It was sabotated with a fungy or something like that lol

And with the prices of everything going up the chocolate companies to not increase the prices (too much) they started to change repices adding more sugar and other stuff, so the taste changed a lot from the old formulas, and it sucks

@ORO8ORO Ah, so there is an environmental factor, right? ;-) Thank you, I was not aware :-P ;-)

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