Why doesn't Mastodon just auto-cover art until you click on it, if basically everyone covers up every piece of art anyway "just to be safe"? I feel like it's silly to 90% of the time cover art, may as well make it 100% and then it won't feel so silly because it's standard.

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Visual storytellers: I co-hosted an audio and video podcast called Lean Into Art, wherein my buddy Rob Stenzinger and I led a bunch (hundreds) of discussions on visual storytelling theory and technique. This episode on how viewing angle (sometimes called camera angle, though I personally think comics has more flexibility) contributes to the meaning of the moments in your story.

Watch here: youtu.be/9JEC5jVW2c0

Japanese Beetles are jerks 

Japanese beetle - I did this a long time ago and never got any better 😕

You know, I am not the idiot you think I am—!

I am perhaps a completely different idiot!

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This is another art fight artwork from 2020 and still one of my favorite pieces.

#furry #art #artfight

I have coffee and I am refactoring a function, and listening to somaFM. But it would have been cool to get a better nights sleep.

Hi, I’m Rachel but I use the handle Nycteris most places. I am a software tester but I like to draw, sometimes sculpt or “make”. And I always think I’m going to start a podcast. Also a big fan of games, rpgs, webcomics, steampunk, plants, cyberpunk, way too many other things. Just curious.
Happy to meet internet friends :)
Bible-believer who likes working with kids.

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Since it's been awhile, and since Mastodon is seeing an influx of Twitter refugees, I figure it's a good time for an ! I'm Becca, a comic artist and art educator. I make comics and zines about tiny people, and share my experience on Youtube.

Webcomic: 7inchkara.com
Portfolio: nattosoup.artstation.com
Channel: youtube.com/nattosoup
Tiktok: tiktok.com/nattosoup
Instagram: instagram.com/nattosoup


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