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huh. I'm Ni! A agender artist whose passion is story-telling. I draw a lot of stuff about my ocs and am looking to make more environmental illustrations which tell stories!

I really love anything fantasy, magic, demi-humans, and the like so there's a lot of that in my art.

I'm also working on a webcomic that I'll post when I have a few more pages done <3

Here's some recent art to get this started :>

I know I've only been posting sketches recently but I'll have more finished stuff soon I promise!!

Made myself do at least a lil doodle of my pirate captian oc, Valysa.

Quick warm up doodle that was looking a bit like my friend and then I leaned into it but then it stopped looking like her so eh

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On that note anyone got any poetry recommendations for me to get practice on our typewriter with?

So we just got some blackboard cabinet doors (swapped with the flat above us who didn't want theirs anymore) and it's very exciting! Now the question is, what do we write on them?? :O

So we decided to clean out our storage closet yesterday and, among other odd and curious things, found a fully functional typewriter and I am very excited about it.

I downloaded minecraft again a while ago and it's been really fun to get back into it!

I frikkin love Steven Universe! :D Just watched Change Your Mind, so wanted to draw Stevonnie. Been really enjoying using fanart as a vehicle for experimenting with mad saturation, pinks and rainbows in my art.

I feel like I'm just cursed to lose track of time on sundays. Every time I have something planned one a sunday (even if it's my weekly dnd session which has been happening at the same time on and off for a couple year now!!) I completely forget about it until at least half an hour after it's happened. And this is only on sundays, usually I'm ok at keeping track of time.

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I wanna draw sth but idk what soo..

SHOW ME UR OC's and I'll pick one I like to draw?

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