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huh. I'm Ni! A agender artist whose passion is story-telling. I draw a lot of stuff about my ocs and am looking to make more environmental illustrations which tell stories!

I really love anything fantasy, magic, demi-humans, and the like so there's a lot of that in my art.

I'm also working on a webcomic that I'll post when I have a few more pages done <3

Here's some recent art to get this started :>

Experimenting with photoshop brushes... I like the textures but why is photoshop so laggy.

Daydreaming, just a lil doodle and messing around with colors!

Deadlines are over and that means time for some rest <3

Finally finished this poster for a uni project, the story's about this ghost bard who watches things happen and retells various historical events to anyone who cares to listen.

Working at home instead of at uni today and it's a good chance and very relaxing but also it's super chilly in the kitchen. Time to make some nice hot tea :>

Reposting to pin so everyone can see it all the time.

mint art src:

Gradients! leaves! flowy hair! How could I not draw this thing that I found over on insta, and I love how it turned out :>

I made an extra illustration for this years calendar and it was nice to make something without a background :)

I've been doing a lot recently and it feels good to be productive! I'll share some photos of my projects soon when I have them a but more refined :>

Art trade for a friend of mine, it took so long but I'm so satisfied now that I've finished :> :>

Art trade for a friend of mine, it took so long but I'm so satisfied now that I've finished :> :>

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