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huh. I'm Ni! A agender artist whose passion is story-telling. I draw a lot of stuff about my ocs and am looking to make more environmental illustrations which tell stories!

I really love anything fantasy, magic, demi-humans, and the like so there's a lot of that in my art.

I'm also working on a webcomic that I'll post when I have a few more pages done <3

Here's some recent art to get this started :>

Gift art for my friend of her cat who's names after from He's a very long and fluffy boy and I love him

Some ideas though,
- long mer swimming somewhere
- plants! maybe some of my travelers walking through some grass... hmm smails would be good too
- something with glowy things like fireflies?

I think one of the things I want to do after I'm done with this catch-up month is draw something long so I can use it as a header places... Everything I draw is too square :P But no committing! That'd break my rules, so we'll see come February

Hello!! I'm opening comms for 100x100 pixel icons for $15

Sharing is much appreciated ❤️ Additional details to follow

A form by @ circlejourney on birdsite, I filled it out for the webcomic I'm working on writing :>

Wip from a bit ago, not sure if I want to line or paint this.

completely delighted by the opportunity to make lemon demon poems on the fridge this eve

Which direction does your icon face?

Please boost for highest possible demographic :)

Found this old thing which I never posted! My oc Zhully :>

Was meant to finish this ages ago but here we are! A couple of chibis for my best friend :>

Most of my wips I plan to finish in the state they're already in but some, like this one, need restarting. I'm glad I did though because I'm really happy with how it turned out! :>

Trying to figure out how to draw chibis again... I find that kind of stylization that really smushes the body down really fun but difficult to get just right.

It's been a bit of a slow art year for me, some of these are just sketches, but I think it was honestly a good thing that I didn't do too much with art this year. It gave me more time to work on myself and the rest has made me more enthusiastic to get back into things properly!

My from instagram since that's where I've been most active this year! I've been thinking about social media use a bit though (as you've seen by my rambles here) and I don't really want my primary social media to be instagram for various reasons. So for a month or so (after new years) I'm going to try being super active everywhere and depending on what happens with that decide where I'll be giving more focus and if I want to drop any to give myself a bit of a break.

A quick design I did for my paladin for a Dungeon World oneshot I played with some friends yesterday. It was very chaotic... but a ton of fun!

Just some sketchy fire, doodling my oc Fir after a break from drawing has become a habit it seems :P

I might just try and ramble on each of these and see which one works out best (so I guess this is my mastodon test #1)

And the final option is Patreon -

Pros: like coffee, could attack people to support me, suitable to blog-like posts and looks good

Cons: I've never really used it before and don't know how well interaction and other stuff would work there

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