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huh. I'm Ni! A agender artist whose passion is story-telling. I draw a lot of stuff about my ocs and am looking to make more environmental illustrations which tell stories!

I really love anything fantasy, magic, demi-humans, and the like so there's a lot of that in my art.

I'm also working on a webcomic that I'll post when I have a few more pages done <3

Here's some recent art to get this started :>

Had fun designing a new dnd character :> She's a monk with a over-complicated backstory probably but her it had birds which is good in my books.

Thinking about my drawing process... and spring and fairies and swords

It's such a sleepy foggy day today... it feels like a very extended morning

A couple friend and I were fooling around on discord and drawing our ocs holding their pets and honestly what a great idea

Warm up sketch from friday that I meant to post then but forgot :P

Well I re-branded to make everything the same handle but turns out I can't change things here so oh well :(

It's been ages since I last did this but I'm streaming! Come watch me draw and chat if you'd like <3

Sometimes when asking other people what to draw you get suggestions such 'a reverse snake' and other times you get 'dwarven pirate' and that's what my flatmates said yesterday when I asked and you can see which one I went with.

I’m holding a little event over on instagram(but all 'o you over here are welcome to join too <3) to celebrate 300 follows and also start up this concept I’ve been doodling recently! They’re a group (?) of travelers of various places, and can change colors by picking up new colors from things they encounter. The concept is still pretty loose but if you want to join and design your own traveler feel free to think up some headcanons for them!

I've been a bit stressed recently so I'm making myself take a day off to just do whatever I want but now I'm not quite sure what I want to do. Still! It feel good to not be stressed about having to do things.

Today's warm-up sketch! She's my best friend's character and is honestly so gorgeous. I love Myr lots.

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