Hey look, I finally finished the second tarot card for the Hanged Man. Pretty happy with this one.

Some more tarot card wips! The Hanged Man and either the devil or the tower, kinda flipping between the two.

Attempting tarot card styles. Could be better, could be worse? Possibly an excuse to use gritty textures I'm weak for.

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Attempting to do something different from my usual style and turn my kids into tarot cards. Wip for the Moon.

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Oh hey! I remember you! You were a bit bigger the last time I saw you though.
It's Cullen Rutherford from Dragon Age: Inquisition! I've made this dude two times before actually. The Cullen fans are really out there representing I guess! I was always under the impression that characters like Iron Bull and Sera were more popular, but maybe that's just how my friend circle rolls...

Cullen Rutherford is a commission for Michelle Rodriguez on Etsy!

Wip for Pride month!
Been getting into the habit of doing slop coloring before I finish inking. Seems to help with a lot of things and motivates me to actually polish it off. :)

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I really like Devils' Line, even though its kinda trashy? I really like it???? Maybe its the shoujo romance and the endless gore.

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is literally 3.5 hours from being over (or actually over depending on your location) but i managed to churn out this pic in time

ft. my ocs sydney and cecil as mer

I draw little comic shorts sometimes. This one's from a few months back. They're... A relatively functional family technically speaking, but faaaar from sane.
(Quay and Terranova)

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What's your fave work of yours? I'm curious and would love to see~
Comment with the image and your social media links too!
Old, new, traditional, digital, whatever!

Share the love❤!!

I feel like I can only ask this now before it gets crowded and crazy💦

Here's mine: I can't help but love this piece from my old sketchbook.

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Hey, I put this #ArtChallenge together for my friend and I, and I spent too much time on it not, to share it. If anyone wants to join, feel free! ✨

(The colour palettes are just there for inspiration, you don't need to use it unless you want to).

Oops, I accidentally deleted this after I accidentally boosted it and I'll figure this site out eventually. Introverts unite!

Exactly two modes:
1. Hours spent doing carefully detailed line art.
2. Eff it, scribble like mad til it looks done.

Yo, let's try this out! Looks neat so far. I draw a lot of my ocs, some fanart, completely subject to whatever random whim I have. You'll see a lot of these two below in particular.


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