back and still not sure how to interact here so if anyone wants to jump in for an art trade or something hmu

"Haunt your fears, you don't know my duty to lead your path. I'll take you home..."

Eluveitie's Quoth the Raven

What up I'm flying to Norway tomorrow and here's a unicorn my coworker named

"Razor backed, she attacks! Empire's Battle cat!" Manticore- Cradle of Filth

It feels great to be back after a month! Enjoy her!

Get ready : 2019 is the year of the Earth Pig and the year where we get to observe the Super Blood Wolf Moon which means this year is about stability, friendship, and calling upon ancient wolf gods to huff and puff nazis to another planet.

Okay, this is a once in a lifetime offer, if you help me and boost this I will NOT take your soul when you die!!
I really want to make these t-shirts, but right now I only have half of the 10 preorders I need :/

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