New drawing, a WoW feral kitty fanart, this character is supposed to be inserted into a signature later, hence the blank bg. Not very happy with the outcome though.

Upside down pentagram 

New picture of my cat, we are joking that she is a little devil all the time, so I created a fitting image. It's not really THAT dark, but the symbols could upset some maybe so I put in a CW.

A imaginary 80s horror movie poster about... my cat being a furry horror creature licking things. 😂

Something I made this weekend to learn Blender - I know basic stuff about Cinema 4D but my student version ran out and I'm no longer a student anymore. I couldn't justify the price as Blender is available for free and my personal goals in 3D are more along the lines of sketching 3D for illustrations and some mild marketing things / enhancing illustrations. So I tutorial'd so get the basics down.

Allright here's hoping you have some feedback you're willing to share! :)

I'm working on making a logo for my freelancing business. I will offer art/illustrations and probably some (web/app/UI) design and animation too.

The pic shows a selection of sketches I did. I'd be very grateful if you have a minute to give me a reply like "I like this or that the best" or more even.
See replies/thread for further details!

My portfolio website concept/design/HTML is finished, basically. I could start with templating now, but I still don't have a proper logo. 😂 I made various sketches over the last months and am wondering if would also be up to critique logo design ideas? I'd love some more input.

I'm Nellyaa, currently on my path to become a fulltime freelancer doing illustration and art.
I studied Illustration at a kind-of-famous university in Münster, Germany.

Currently I've got a 9-to-5 job as website designer, where I also do frontend development and a little package/product design inbetween.
After work I draw for my NSFW patreon ( which powers my NSFW art gallery website ( and work on my goal to become fulltime freelancer in the illustration and art field in the future. (Currently working on my official portfolio website (for the business clients), a logo and all that stuff)

If you want to know a little more about me, here's my homepage:

I draw a lot of fantasy, erotica and funny cats. Because I love all of that stuff dearly 😂
Furthermore I love games, websites and animation because they're interactive and (can) tell a story. Expect me philosophing about UI design and game design - other fields I dabbled with during my studies.

I'm always open to inspiration and interesting discussions and am willing to learn. Be warned though, I am a very honest person. Not all people get along with me. Do you? Let's find out ☺️


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