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I'm Nellyaa, a professional 2D Artist drawing+animating cute animals at a company selling natural products for animals by day and an illustration freelancer by night.
I have a B.A. from FH Münster, Germany.

I also enjoy drawing NSFW stuff ( which powers my NSFW art website (

If you want to know a little more about me, here's my main website:

I'm always open to inspiration and interesting discussions! :)

Wanted to continue drawing outside after getting new canvas, but I woke up with a headache and feeling dizzy. Meh, guess I won't do much today...

I started drawing outside with acrylics again, and I love it, but I have to stop now because of my hay fever. Can always count on you to ruin spring! :'))

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I've docked
My spacecraft to the side

I rocked
The mighty launch astride

I've stocked
A full year's food to hide

I mocked
The Earther fools downside

I walked
The silent space outside

I'm shocked!
The light inside me died

I've locked
My goddamm keys inside


Worked on my car foil print design today. The sketch/layout feels almost finished, so I can start with vectorizing soon. ✨

Just realized I'm already working on my 3D cat for over 3 weeks. Holy macaroni, no wonder my bf was annoying me with how I spent too much time on my project. 😂

Currently working on my 3d skills again and building a 3d cat for my own reference. I plan on texturing, furring and rigging it for posing. So far I've sunken a few hours into it, still a LOT faster than my first modeling attempts. Have some paws.

I've driven to Hund&Katz in Dortmund today. It's a dog and cat fair with dog shows, cat breed shows etc. My company had a booth, so I was visiting colleagues too. Ok, and the booth was my design.... It looked gorgeous in reality. Very proud <3

New drawing, a WoW feral kitty fanart, this character is supposed to be inserted into a signature later, hence the blank bg. Not very happy with the outcome though.

My cat just brought home her first alive prey and it's a fat earthworm. This cat is soo gold 😂

Upside down pentagram 

New picture of my cat, we are joking that she is a little devil all the time, so I created a fitting image. It's not really THAT dark, but the symbols could upset some maybe so I put in a CW.


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Unicode’s Japanese codepage contains 12 kanji with no pronunciation or meaning, known as the “ghost characters”. These appear to be the result of an administrative error at the JIS in 1978:

A imaginary 80s horror movie poster about... my cat being a furry horror creature licking things. 😂


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