a more updated take on ebony (used to be ebineezer) since i haven't drawn her basically since her inception. still not sure what i'm going to do with her though, universe-wise.

really wanted to play with the idea of cursed internet images and do my own twist on it. crunchy images, fun fun fun

oc sloth (dominik.) have been toying with a modern-day au focussing more on his and another minor character's relationship, since in the original story it's kind of glossed over, at least as it exists now.
idk been thinking a lot

quickish drawing of Garithon looking dramatic (not like this is new for him)

my nb flesh eater i played in divinity og sin 2 with frands, Keith
they're a necrowarrior!

sketchdump, anaphylaxia with knives, a weird doodle i lost interest in finishing, and a sketch doom triangle idea

drawbs of ichabod + young?jericho
don't worry about them their faces are just like that

cartoon blood, dnd 

scribbles from our first game arc of dnd. i was the annoying birb warlock who'd ask too many questions. we also had a stinky stone axe murderer, grumpy fluffy dwarf mage, and an elf who secretly wanted to be a plant. overall we were pleasant folks having a normal one

drawing of a glib anaphylaxia relaxing in some hellscape

scribbles from the second dnd campaign. i was a chaotic evil tiefling paladin. it was fun while it lasted
the suit of armour is travis, the most terrible revenant to ever not do anything

two very strange takes on a spacecat
sort of a redo/parody of an idea i did a very long time ago

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