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Heya. I'm Necroth, I'm a transmasc artist based somewhere in the US.

I have a lot of interests and a lot of trouble sticking to one vein of output, train of thought, or even general state of being. I change often and suddenly.

Hopefully it's a fun ride.

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At this point in time I'm focussing on colourful photomanipulations, especially with synthwave and/or futuristic themes.

a mockup of a menu, going for a specific aesthetic, something like 90's bowling alley

Finished a new commission 🌟. My client is happy and so am I. 😊 Releasing it soon. Meanwhile here is an older commission from two years ago, #art #illustration #mastoart

OK! my commissions are officially reopened with special holiday themed listings!! each holiday order WILL be finished before December 22nd, just in time for christmas. Any boosts are appeciated and thank you!

Patreon reward for FredrickDavis on tumblr of their undead GW2 character!

I do offer commission tiers for my Patreon and I’ll be collecting those in the next couple of days so if you’re interested in a commission for November, now’s a good time to sign up!

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the larger sketch i pulled from to make the art for my music! both the original colours and the edited ones, pick and choose what you like

I've updated the fish elf version of drasil's design! she a fair bit more monster like now! I'm happy of her redesign! did I mention she is a hopeless romantic? she is, she loves romance and sweeping ladies off their feet!

it's about time i drew yuuko tbhh. god she's literally one of my favorite clamp characters ahhhh

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not sure i've gotten a colourbalance i like yet so take both versions, not messing w it anymore
used the same brushes as the last piece, same quality gripe, will approach differently in the future

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