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It's Day!

I'm Becca, a comic artist, illustrator, and educator living in South East Louisiana. I'm passionate about drawing nature, friendship, and animals, and I'm looking for agent representation! I have loads of comic and teaching experience!

Art Edu and Reviews:

I love how the illustration turned out so much, I created a tutorial!
Paint with me?

Pthalo blue and Bismuth yellow make for such great vibrant spring greens! A little illo to say Hello Spring!

I recently wrapped up this watercolor illustration! This was a fieldtest to try out the Paul Rubens tube watercolors

A new vlog is live! This week, it's ALL ABOUT BIRTHDAY! Join me for a Cajun crawfish boil where I show you how to pick and peel my favorite foods- shrimp, crawfish, and crabs! PLUS! Sending out postcards to art directors and editors, loads of painting, preparing a tutorial, and ART SQUAD!

I really enjoyed swatching the Paul Rubens tube watercolors. Beautiful color selection, misty granulation, and an great price point make these an easy recommendation!

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I'm so excited to share another watercolor review with yall! Particularly as I've fallen in love with this one!

Help me celebrate by spreading the word about 7″ Kara!

🕯️Tell a friend about the comic!
🕯️Share today’s update on social media!
🕯️Take a moment to review Volume 1 and Volume 2 on Amazon and Goodreads (
🕯️Fill out a Library Request Form and ask your library to carry 7″ Kara
🕯️Order a copy for yourself at

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It's my BIRTHDAY! AND! It's update day for my watercolor comic, 7" Kara! It's almost like I planned this!

Check out today's update at or

Feeling inspired to rep the local cuisine. Beignets and snowballs. I just printed the bluelines for these last night, and I hope to have them painted sometime soon!

Today is daylight savings! Don't forget to set your clocks an hour forward!

What are your favorite spring flowers? Sweet fruit blossoms? Thorny roses? Tiny flowers in the grass? Proud lilies?

Weather's warming up! What's one spring thing you're excited about? I'm looking forward to walks in the sun.

Happy International Women's Day! Sometimes being a woman feels like magic, sometimes...not so much, but however you identify, you are important, valid, and loved!

The sun is out, the birds are singing, and it feels like spring.

I have all these unfinished bits of electronic music (of varying quality) lying around and I think I just wanna add lyricless screaming over some of them, how the hell do I go about finding people that wanna provide me with .wav after .wav of screams

(I say how, i guess this is an open call?)

It'd be a collab + I'm open to working with multiple screamy people - I don't really want to sample cis white men screaming just because there's enough of that in music already

This scan doesn't really do the mermaid justice, but I do think the step by step tutorial where I show yall how I inked AND marked AND watercolored her, might shine a lil light!

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