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I love how this lil cutie turned out- the depths of the greens really captures how shiny its skin was! I hope you guys enjoy this marker tutorial- and if there are any other animals you'd like to draw and marker together, lemme know!

The Kickstarter to print the second volume of my webcomic, 7" Kara, is in its final hours! If you like my art, you should check out the Kickstarter!

A for anyone interested! My cute , Kara, bursting from a bouquet of flowers!

Kara is from my , 7" Kara- now on Kickstarter!

🍀I want to see YOUR interpretation of this character
🍀 Please tag so I can see your art!
🍀 Make sure you include the original image as the second or third image!
🍀Please check out the 7" Kara Kickstarter (

A I created to celebrate the launch of my 's first !
Help me fund the printing of 7" Kara Volume 2, and I'll record another tutorial to celebrate!

Here are a few gorgeous pages from Chapter 6- Naomi working on summer reading, Kara helping out with Lilliputian household chores. If yall enjoy them or know someone who might, I hope yall will support printing Volume 2 on Kickstarter.

You can find out more information about the project, as well as what sort of preorder goodies are available at

I don't think I ever showed yall the final cover for Volume 2! I had to redo it a couple times to get it just right. Kara fishin' in a ditch, complete with and .

Volume 2 is available for preorder:

Let's look for Lilliputians! Join me for a Lilliputian spotting tour!

(this was originally a livestream)

My tiny kiddos horseplayin around. Kara and Tanner from my 7" Kara!

Kara hanging out with a froggy friend! This is a demonstration of Copic markers on toned tan paper- the left is Toned Blue, the right is Toned Grey.

Help support a beautiful graphic novel! Please check out 7" Kara on Kickstarter!

I've reviewed a lot of watercolor paints over the past couple years, but I think I've found my new favorite in the Shin Han PWC

I really love lining up my thumbs, roughs, and finished pages and comparing them. It's so cool to see how a page changes, develops, and grows through the stages.

A page from chapter 8 of 7" Kara

Mmm fresh summer strawberries! A page border for 7" Kara Volume 2- watercolor on coldpress cottonrag.

Currently on Kickstarter!

A tale of unlikely friendships, challenging family dynamics, and a little bit of cat riding.

Volume 2 of my comic, 7" Kara, is live on Kickstarter! Please check it out & share!

Painting this chocolate cake a couple years ago was an exercise in restraint, because god, I love choco cake.

Wouldn't it be awesome to use your favorite book as a tent?

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