She's not going to stab you, she just thinks it looks neat.

I really like the way rosy boas ( ) have stripes so I wanted to include that in her pattern :)

YCH for myco_yote on twitter!!
Super loved working on this one, I usually start thinking on the background after the YCH has been chosen so the commissioner can indicate what they want to express with it. This series really made me think more on interior design and what kind of spaces leave room for what kind of relationships...

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And I've got this new D&D character, Secret Wine, the catfolk bard who will gently ask before stealing your heart.

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Been working on a few concepts reimagining ancient Central European mythology.
This one is about vampiristic tendencies attributed to insects, especially butterflies and moths. Those were thought to be dead spirits returning to leech on life essence (like lapping nectar or milk).

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