Here is a new character!!! Xey xem xeir pronouns!!! Colors are definitely not final but I tried to make them look OK

More of xem to come???

Hey tell me if screen is too big/small for the player.. i want them to FEEL small but obvs i don't want them 2 have issues seeing themself

Some while I try 2 figure out how to change/fix my style ... Rude finger gesture in last pic

This's a mess and not "finished" but guess I'm done w/ it. Also the pose isn't very clear I think but....... Whatever

Comic Containing Suicide References 

Personal something about my thoughts lately. I don't think I fully explained my feelings but I did my best

Reposting this drawing of my OC Hailey (she/her) cause it's grown in me ^^ πŸ‘

It's probably one of the most "right" feeling drawings of her whatever that means

This was extremely frustrating to make and doesn't feel COMPLETE but I'm done with it. πŸ™ƒ

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