I have extremely mixt feelingz abt wanting 2 make fanworks like... On one hand I'm allowed to like things on the other hand fuck media icons I want them to DIE

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@NLS oh um. I was trying to say that I also think they should die. And you can actually do this by making your own content of them. Taking them away from the copyright holders and appropriating it into something of your own

@basicbishoujo Oooh so like...

New Thing Heavily Inspired By Old Thing

@NLS yeah. take that shit. It's yours now fuck it lmao. I own mickey mouse now

im a big supporter of ABOLISHING COPYRIGHT LAWS but uhh... I guess for now thats still like technically illegal. It usually wont matter if youre not huge tho

@basicbishoujo Oh me too and abolish IP but.. I think even if those tbings were gone I wouldn't want to use somebody else"s world/characters I'd rather build my own

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