How tf u kno if a CPU/GPU is good???? Or just like if a laptop is good in general??? aaaAAAAAAA 😵

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@TapiocaPearl @NLS Basically this. Big GHz (speeds) and GB (memory/space) are a good sign.

However, depending on what you do, different types of hardware will be good. For some compute-heavy applications, it's better to have many CPU cores (which usually means slightly lower speeds per core). Or, for general purposes, you might want to take a slightly "weaker" laptop in general, because it'll have lower power draw and thus better battery life.

Don't think "what's best", think "what do I need?"

@NLS Look at the recommended system requirements for the software you use most (including the bigger games you want to play, if any), take those as a baseline, seek to go a little bit higher. Anything below that will probably not be good enough for your needs.

And it ALL matters, so you'll want to match or exceed your needs in every field: RAM, CPU core speed, CPU core count, GPU speed, GPU memory, hard drive space, power draw, screen size and quality.

@eishiya Okokok ty!!! This is good advice :>

It'll just take time for me 2 rap my head around

@NLS There's a lot going on with computers :'D It pays to take the time to understand what the different parts do and what the numbers mean though, since chances are you'll have to choose between computers more than a few times in your life, and it suuuuucks to end up with something that doesn't run the things you need well.

If you have specific questions about what different numbers or specs mean, feel free to ask! I'm no expert but I should be able to give you a basic understanding.

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