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Constantly torn between my deep hate of social media and my desire to meet new people

just got a warning in an "LGBTQ friendly" discord for calling someone a terf LMAO

Lord help me I'm joining random discord servers & hoping they're not weird πŸ™ƒ

Is there any way to just autoblock like all pleroma users


nya'll i just found this.........

mastodon plz let me use the middle-click scroll without being fucking weird

not exactly "deep" tho u usually just wind up a strong attack & the CPU falls into it lol

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I played Urban Champion which predates even Street Fighter & i kinda like how it just focuses on quick/strong attacks and high/low mechanics... very basic but good honestly

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i really high/low blocking & attacking in fighting games, it's kind of difficult which makes me think I wouldn't like it but I do actually

Wait so as a trans person I can have multiple avatar designs to represent myself? And I can change them whenever I like? whoa

sick of the Online Life but what else is there these days

Love how streamers take advantage of people's loneliness to make money & gain popularity

correct me if i'm wrong but if u own a wii w/ gamecube backwards compatability u can totally download & play any wii/gamecube game for free?

Actually today i want 2 stream Sonic Riders for the Nintendo Gamecube but not currently possible

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When the day isn't long enough, the lamb stays up, not caring that the day is short because it needs rest for an early rise

Will this action lead to regret? Unlikely since tiredness is constant during the lamb's waking hours

Getting smudges on my glasses πŸ‘“ while I'm not even touching them is proof that ghosts πŸ‘» exist

Sext to Ur Dad 

Your account has been temporarily restricted please pass a Google ReCaptcha test before continuing...

Another day of screaming into the void and hoping the void will scream back and want to be my friend, but alas the void does neither πŸ˜”

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