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Want ppl to care abt me not just my art

Kind of wondering if there's a good place to setup an image archive that 's just going to be around forever without me having to worry about it

Thinking About Art And Life 

The passion is gone & I can't stand feeling that everything I've worked so hard to try to do is no longer what makes me happy. And I don't have anything else to move onto to make me happy

I don't know why I'm posting this kind of stuff cuz nobody cares and strangers on the internet aren't a therapist but like, I wish people cared

Want ppl to care abt me not just my art

is efdn down the site just doesn't load for me

Art Image, Blood & Gore 

Expressing myself...

Nikki from swapnote I miss u plz come back to us ;3;

online friendships - 

I have doubts they can be anything other than awkward acquaintances or parasocial strangers

The part in the team rocket theme song where James just becomes kaiba temporarily is good

Have i won? no. Am I improving? I ahve no idea

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every1 shud play tetr dot io it is my thing right now

u can't make friends if u don't like anything

Dreaming about being in highschool. Teacher says he'll allow me to run against the popular girl for class president but only if I read the 3 Communism Books in the next 30 days, and become the Communism President

What are character customization options you want/need? Asking 4 a fwemb

Shout out to Sonic Unleashed (2008) for being so graphically "advanced" that it just became playable without frame drops this year

Was anyone else told as a kid the forbidden and highly questionable knowledge that along with Y the letter W is sometimes a vowel

Pokemon Black & White, sorta political lol 

Pokemon B&W introduces an obviously hypocritical extremist group with ulterior motives as the new bad guy group in a game where NPCs are constantly telling the player how said bad guy group is wrong

And of course white Americans who were raised to be fucked up and evil are all like "IDK bro they seem kinda right don't'cha think??"


jigglypuff in Smash 

-Remove rollout recoil
-Now Jigglypuff can bowl thru multiple enemies
-Let jiggly jump outta roll

Honestly I need to spend more time doing whatever the fuck I wanna do & not really giving a shit about anything

Remember when I was an art account lmao

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