I wanna make a 3D platformer AND a 2D platformer, cause u can do different things with each

I should really try more animation stuff but it's intimidating

No more "how should this be" thinking πŸ˜’

All the more "I want to try" thinking πŸ˜†

I'm tired of being inside & I really want to make new friends........ bluh

I think the worst case scenario is that Eugen may want to move away from the federation entirely, pretending like mastodon.social is just it's own site, so that it can b treated like "real" (monetizable) social media

I really want to make lots of cool harsh noises but I fear that people will not like or be able to handle it

Damb what if masto was made by a person that wasn't a huge piece of shit lolol

Do I really want to do a bunch of projects or am I just burying myself in work..? 😞

I'd love to make something in Godot but damb that engine is just not readable at all it's a fucking mess

the software crack I was using before I got my computer fixed is no longer available 😭

Fuck y can't i put a video in a url and upload it that way this website sucks

Sometimes I don't feel trans enough bc I don't really want to do HRT or surgeries or anything

After spending like a hundred hours designing and scrapping and redesigning and resrapping my avatar I've decided I want to be boyish

Anywhere I doodled the Simpsons in the style of Sonic

I'm Sorry / I Hope U Suffer

The main problem I have with designing an avatar for myself is that deep down I just hate myself ahaha

maybe this is why artists pay other artists to draw their character for them

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