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Stop using ableist language, even when saying something silly. And yes, ableism is contributory to white supremacy.

To learn what not to say, check out the Glossary of Ableist Phrases:

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This is the Trans Lamb.
Boost to kill a transphobe instantly!

(My Jakki πŸ‘βœŒ btw)

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Trisha says EAT THE RICH !!

I've been in an art slump & wanna get myself back 2 where I used to be

Hey! Do artists (and urself) a favor!

Settings -> Appearance -> Crop images in non-expanded toots to 16x9

Turn that option OFF

THANKS :tialove:

ph- & question 

How do ppl stare at screens all the time w/o like actually damaging thier eyes 😩

Sonic06 probably would've been a decent game if it wasn't rushed AND they trimmed the fat

story & graphix still suck tho

The past is not my identity. The past is not my friend. The past means nothing to me

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If i could destroy everything about the life I've lived and start out completely new I would

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I often hear ppl say "You should chase what makes u excited!" ... but it's hard to find anything exciting :/

Sometimes playing video games feels good a lil bit? And I'm not sure when and why

Something that really frustrated me as a child and still does to this day is that Pokemon Anime Team Rocket never ever really had ANY victories like?? Like even if they fucked everything up and never got Pikachu they should've atleast had some kinda victories sometimes?? Even if it was an accident or whatever but they were always a mess and never actually a threat and I hated that

Trying new things requires money or friends & I have neither lol

I have now realized that net "fame" means nothing to be and my soul is still as dark and hallow as it was yeesterday

For some reason notes don't count unless I'm online? So I don't get the notif but they're there if I go 2 the page

My trans lamb post has gotten literally double the total notes it had yesterday how is this happening

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suicide reference 

I think the reason it's so hard to describe to anyone what I do all day is that I'm literally just doing whatever the fuck to distract myself from the constant suicideal ideation that runs through my body

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