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Hi there, I'm Myst!

I'm a digital artist and amateur music producer/songwriter who mainly works with the voice synthesizers , and . I created the UTAU voicebank Kikyuune Aiko.

Other fandoms include but are not limited to: , , , , and & titles in general.

Happy to be here!

Hm, yeah Mixer looks nice and seems simple enough to use, but is it a solid enough platform t--

*co-streaming is a free, standard feature*

picarto and twitch whomst

XYZ doesn't currently have Mastodon 3.0, so I can't do a proper migration. I'll probably go ahead and do it if it does happen. Thank you!

As mentioned earlier, I'm now fully migrating Mastodon accounts. From now on I can be found at @Lystrialle. If you're one of the few following me here now I would appreciate if you would move there as I won't be maintaining this one anymore. Thanks ^^;;

Mainly just thinking out loud about this stuff hmmm...

Also I really have no plans to stream on YT unless it's for UT(ntr)S, just throwing that out there lmao

I still like Picarto and Twitch decently enough but Picarto has a bit of a.... deviantart problem (untagged fetish channels popping up on the main page) and Twitch has some interface issues that bug me and is just... so big.

Weighing pros and cons of each streaming platform, how do people feel about Mixer? πŸ€” It has a clean interface that I like, even tho the Creative category is kinda dead-ish right now. Thinking about moving to it.

if I manage to not spend all my AWA money I'll treat myself to it...

I kind of want to get pixaki.... but $25 oof

(wait why am I oof-ing, mobile vocaloid editor cost twice that)

you've heard of dual-booting, now get ready for 

hey quick send me 2-fingered tablet artist glove recs

which amazon entry did y'all go with there's too many

Special exception for β€œcolle” branded itabags cause. Colle(ction). Yeah. That’s what it’s for.

I don’t usually trust itabags I buy at local cons but if I see a nice enough base at AWA for a good price I might snag it for my Avdol bag. I was thinking about the red BerryQ star but I’m also like......... β€œeh” when it comes to bags that have branding on them

I've been watching so many cooking vids on my personal YT that the ad algorithm is trying to sell me knife sets and honestly, if I had the money & kitchen space

Somehow bc I left Twitter open on DMs on one computer I missed like 3 notifications over the weekend, go figure

tired: iron is harmful to fae because of unspecified magic intrinsic properties
wired: iron is harmful to fae because of its chemical properties
inspired: iron is harmful to fae specifically because it is physically the stuff of the human Industrial Revolution, a social restructuring event with broadly devastating effects on human adherence to the core values of the fae. for this reason, iron is suffused with a palpable curse that arises from its position as a symbol of human callousness.

literally the ONLY reason I was good at piano is because I do things by ear

after 14 years I'd still have to sometimes use mnemonics (F-A-C-E, so on) to figure out notes when reading a sheet for the first time, my sightreading ability was nonexistent

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