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Hello Mastodon! Sorry for all the silence, I've been really busy and all that. But not to worry, I've got some of my sonas here for your viewing pleasure.

4/20 and weed mentions and imagery 

This was a 4/20 art from 6 days ago, but I've only just released it here cos' I'm unaware of the policies on drug stuff here. If it's against the rules, even with the sensitive content warning, I'll remove it

I have a SubscribeStar account for those who want to support me:

(potential CW for gore and body horror and all that stuff)

Spring has sprung in the latest Mind Your Magic!

(Sorry for not uploading last week, I had to take a break from Mastodon and other social media due to mental reasons, but I'm fine now!)


top 10 favorite albums in no particular order

1. Endtroducing..... by DJ Shadow
2. The Private Press by DJ Shadow
3. Spiders by Space
4. Anarchy by Chumbawamba
5. Since I Left You by The Avalanches
6. 1987 (What the Fuck's Going On) by The KLF
7. Hot Buttered Soul by Isaac Hayes
8. You've Come a Long Way by Fatboy Slim
9. Oxygene by Jean-Michel Jarre
10. Keep It Unreal by Mr. Scruff

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