For this special day, I bring to you the cover page for the prologue for Zombies and Marshmallows! The plan is to release a page every Sunday or so, so stay tuned!

For more:

CW: exposed organs 

This 27th day of Goretober features a certain Milo serenely lying down on a table while Everett does some stitching work slightly off screen.

CW: drug imagery/use, body horror, eyestrain 

Day 19th of Goretober depicts the previous life of one Lynn, who used to be a guinea pig for her ex's constant drug experiments. This is just a dramaticization of the trips that ensue.

CW: blood, zombie on zombie cannibalism, visible organs 

Day 15 of Goretober shows why Zombies and Marshmallows is intented to be more "adult" than my other series Mind Your Magic.


Day 12th of Goretober, with Everett performing some kind of arcane ritual with a ragdoll. There's actually a reasoning behind this ritual, but I'll save it for when Zombies and Marshmallows comes out.


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